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ZOO! pitbull and mavic d521

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I've heard talk of the rim being to narrow so that the pads won't reach it. Any truth to this?
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it's too narrow for trials anyway. never understood why people use them. i had one and i trashed it in 2 rides. i have never done that with any other rim.
AHHAHAHA. i said the same thing to him in bt.com...funny..mavic = teh gay
I had a mavic d521 that lasted forever. Other than being too narrow, mavic rims are the best rims you can buy in my opinion. Last much longer than sun rims ever did for me...

Anyway, if the pitbull is anything like my levelboss, the rim could be way too narrow. I have a tioga dh rim (not that great either) on my koxx and my maguras are moved in as close as possible and just bearly reach.
I dunno why you American's have problems with Mavic, in Britain no-one seems to ruin any.

If the spacing is like Koxx then you will really wanna run a DX32 rim at least. Anything over 35mm should fit though
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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