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Zones and zones and trails

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Visiting family this weekend. Went riding at Versailles State Parks. Forgot how pretty southern Indiana can be. And the zones…
Plant Bicycle Wheel Tire Plant community
Water Slope Asphalt Road surface Wood

Plant Natural landscape Sky Water Land lot
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Tore down some landscaping and cut down fairly large cedar tree. I may build a zone. Goats are welcome.

Bedrock Wood Terrestrial plant Twig Grass

Brown Plant Ecoregion Natural landscape Bedrock
Bedrock Plant Groundcover Grass Natural landscape
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All kinds of equipment
Farm life here as well
Moved those with skid steer
Cbd cbg fiber thc
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Lack of progress due to days of rain. Am building zone.
Sad news
Putting up new blackout today. Using skid steer to get up high.
Then planned on doing Some zone work.
Skid steer then promptly caught on fire.

Will post photos
Rode the Den today
Countless ABC lines
Probably twenty flakes and keyholes to ride through
Armored creek crossings that have booters for no reason except to be awesome
Plant Tire Wheel Tree Bicycle wheel
Plant Tire Wheel Tree Bicycle wheel
Plant Wood Natural landscape Trunk Grass
Water Branch Bedrock Natural landscape Watercourse
Tire Plant Wheel Bicycle wheel Tree
Plant Plant community Ecoregion Water Natural landscape
Plant community Plant Natural landscape Bedrock Branch
Plant Sky Natural landscape Woody plant Twig
Plant Plant community Sky Tree Natural landscape
Bicycle Tire Wheel Plant Plant community
Plant Bedrock Natural landscape Terrestrial plant Wood
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Took a trip to Disney this weekend
Place is fun fun FUN
Dog Bedrock Carnivore Fawn Wood
Cloud Sky Bedrock Land lot Tree
Sky Bedrock Natural landscape Landscape Grass
Sky Cloud Slope Bedrock Road surface
Cloud Sky Bedrock Natural landscape Wood
Sky Cloud Bedrock Natural landscape Wood
Cloud Sky Natural landscape Wood Tree
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I’m pretty sure it’s some sort of dog but not 100% on that. It runs pretty fast though..
Weather pretty decent
Decided to hit Six Flags of MTB
Rode Bentonville
Went indoor gun range
Then ate porterhouse

that’s a day chittlins
Plant Plant community Natural landscape Tree Wood
Water Natural landscape Tree Bedrock Fluvial landforms of streams
Bedrock Road surface Wood Plant Natural landscape
Natural landscape Wood Branch Trunk Bedrock
Shade Plant Wood Tree Road surface
Plant Sky Bicycle Natural landscape Tree
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Who wants to see me ride as opposed to Lenosky and Trappe? Nobody ever, that’s who. Watch the OGs

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