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Zebdi Frame

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It is an mk2 with some riding on it. It is perfect if you are just getting into trials. I will repaint it black soon so the paint will be new.

I am asking $200 obo.

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hey if you could send the specs for that frame to [email protected] I might be very very interested in it
I am very interested as well. I Hope to build a bike before christmas! What exactly did you mean by "some" riding?

silus_2000 at yahoo.com
It has been ridden quite a bit for the last 2 years. Plus the seat tube has been cut down so you cannot put a seat on it. I don't do any big drops, just lots of urban.

Is it still for sale? if you could get some pics. that would be awesome. i am very interested
Yeah it is still for sale. Are you in Seattle(duh)? That kind of sucks if you are because I was there last weekend. I flew up there but my friend drove. I could have put the frame in his car.

I will get a pic for you.

danget, ya, how was the bike expo? i heard it sucked this year. i wish i would have gone just to see mike desalvo and his booth, well i think he had one. I know he was up here. anyways, i'll be waiting for those pics. what's the geometry? how does it ride? any damage to the frame?
I am not sure on the geometry. The condition of the frame is good. I did mention in an earlier post that I have cut the seat tube just above the weld. So you are commited to no seat. I am going to buy a digi camera this weekend so I will get some pics in a few days.

I did not go to the bike expo. I was actually in Tacoma one day, Vancouver for three days, Tacoma for one more, and than Seattle the day I flew out. I wish I had brought my bike to Van though.
Is it still up for sale? what kid of damage is there? any cracks or dents? what kind of geometry does it have? (how long are the stays, top tube, head angle) I am still interested. one more thing. is it aluminum or steel frame?
It is aluminum. I will get some measurements this weekend. There are no dents or cracks. I will strip the paint off before I sell it so there will be no scratches.
could i get some pics. if you want to email them to me, my email is [email protected] whatever works. i've decided that i really really need a new frame that's trials specific.
those frames are pretty sturdy. a person whould have to be very unsmooth to do damage
I am going to take some film pics and get them developed than scan them, than send them to you. So it will be soon. The frame is structural sound though. I will get measurements tonight. I haven't been home all weekend so I did not have a chance to look at it.

I'm also interested. E-mail the pics to snwbrddude(AT)hotmail.com

Replace (AT) with @

I am having computer issue right now. My scanner is not working. I will try and find a friend who has a scanner and use theirs.
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