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Yet another zoo video. #13.

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I'll let you know...in20 hours when this gay azn server gives it to me.
I only have 50minutes left!
took 13 mins for me at 30kb/sec. i posted the link on 3 forums, so the video server probably just got swamped.

the vid has really good riding, and no extra crapola like all the other echo/zoo vids have.
2.74KB/s I so remember the days of the 9600 modem. Ah the sweet memories
RomanR, the video server shouldn't be swamped by biketrialsers but its just REALLY REALLY slow. My server has sustained 86mbps for an hour while hosting porn for a forum where there are (at any given time) ~1000 users online, but on the release of new biketrials videos I don't think it's ever exceeded 5mbps.
So Bill,
Is ob.net supported by your porno hosting scheme on the side? :D
RomanC said:
So Bill,
Is ob.net supported by your porno hosting scheme on the side? :D
haha, no. I just had extra bandwidth and had just gotten server and figured it needed a good test :). They killed 200gb of bandwidth while I slept :eek:
So how is this website supported? Bandwidth doesn't come cheap. I would assume the box that hosts this site sits at the some ISP and is connected to the backbone. What OS are you running this on? FreeBSD or some Linux variant?
Just host it long enough for everyone to get it, then take it down. They will never notice! :bigthumb:
The zoo video is pimp, hard to beat old school Sugar Ray too, everyone is going to be asking who sings that and no one will know.

Redhat 9, the server sits at theplanet.com on a 6gbit multiple redundant backbone (level3, Time Warner, UUnet, ATT, etc, NO COGENT).

You're right bandwidth isn't cheap, it costs me a lot to run this site, but I'm hoping the costs will keep coming down as more people come and visit and click my banner. If anyone needs webhosting I will do it for quite an affordable price on this server... I just would like to help offset some of the hosting costs.

16:49:18 up 31 days, 1:39, 0 users, load average: 0.00, 0.01, 0.00

For those of you that don't understand load averages, those are the current average times to process a request (5, 10, 15 minute averages). So as you can see, my server is currently quite underworked, and hasn't been rebooted in a month.
Welp, I tried to embed the php into my post, but I guess that isn't possible.

realtime stats,

After finally getting the vid, I'd have to say it was pretty good. Much better than the previous one.
Maybe its the music or the editing...or the fact that I want to throw up whenever I see azn style(except for keigo arizono, or wtf you spell it, he is god)...or my hatred for zoo....but I deleted it immediately after i watched it :hs:
i uploaded a mirror for those that dont have it.

(or are banned from bike trials and cant read the board there :Wavey: )

from click to play 15 seconds. I love my job!
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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