YES!!! Finally made it!!!

Discussion in 'Your Bike Trials Media' started by maciekzw, Apr 13, 2004.

  1. maciekzw

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    Man, this may not seem like much to you "pros" :D but to me, oh man... I've been working on this for like a week straight, probably an hour a day. And finally got it! I mean the pedal hop. I finally made it up this 9" box. A day before my birthday too! :D

    Check out the video. And I also managed to pull off a lil' 180 off of it too!

    Opinions (bad or good) appreciated. And thanks for all the tips on your previous replies, guys. :bigthumb:
  2. alexm

    alexm Member

    well done :)

    you have improved a lot since your other videos. i really like seeing these videos of you learning stuff. also you made that up so easy, give it a week and you will have twice as high i think. you looked so in control.

    have you learnt the pedal up yet? like rolling along at speed, then jumping up the object.


  3. OTAdmin

    OTAdmin Administrator Staff Member

    very well done. I wasn't expecting such a nice 180 off at the end, I was really impressed by that :bigthumb:. You'll be upping 2-3 times that height before you know it, keep showing us the vids all along the way... I love watching them :D.

  4. Rob.K

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    Maciekzw(man that is hard to spell)- I have to complement you on your willingnus to learn. Giving good riders your little vids to watch is probably the best way to learn, although some don't do it cause they are embarassed with their skill.

    You will pick up this sport twice as fast which means you will be better than most of us!!!haha.

    Ride on!! ps. 180 very impressive.
  5. maciekzw

    maciekzw Guest

    Hey guys, thanks for all of your input on these videos. I'm glad you guys like them and it helps me out when I hear that I'm doing well. It pumps me up and that's what keeps me wanting to learn more and more.

    Alexm, I can't jump up any objects while rolling, yet. I'm still getting used to the bars. I used to have raiser bars on my Kona and ever since I switched to these Echo bars, it's a total different feel to it. I will work on that once I have some more room. Garage is not big enough :D I practiced for an hour today, just same move over and over, and with my last breath, at the end, just made it. Than tried it again, and made it twice in a row, so I grabbed the camera and filmed it! :bigthumb:

    Rob K. and Bill, (and Alexm) thanks a lot for your support. You guys (and others) have totally helped me with your small tips. It made such huge difference. Thanks for hosting my videos Bill. This one I put on because I wanted to show it to you guys right away since I've been working on it so hard.

    Once again thanks, and I'll be posting once I learn new stuff (and the bloopers too :D ). :bigthumb:
  6. nidoss

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    hey, way to go. Im trying to learn pedal ups as well. But my bike is out of comission right now. i stripped all the threading out of my crank arm so my pedal just falls out now. Im waiting for a replacement to arrive in the mail.

    is there a way for me to view the video from that website without a memebership? maybe i should just stop complaining and get one haha.

    anyway, way to go. its always so exciting to get something, as small as it may be, its always a huge confidence builder.
  7. maciekzw

    maciekzw Guest

    Hey, you can get a membership for free, or you can ask MATT really nicely to host the video! :bigthumb: But thanks, everyone one this website has been very supportive and that's awesome! :bigthumb:
  8. G-Jordan

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    well done, all of what you did was much smoother and more contolled then i was expecting.

  9. bonzai

    bonzai The brown guy

    Well done bud. :bigthumb:
  10. Andreas

    Andreas All About Trials

    good job! i think it's great that you're always putting up videos, it's a great way to learn if you don't have people to ride with. good job doing it, keep practicing. in the past 2-3 months i have succesfully TRIPLED my up height (from around 10" to near 30"....or maybe like 28" but still). with enough practice you'll be hopping everywhere in no time.
    about the 180-that threw me off gaurd! super smooth, seriously, i can't even do those
  11. karmapolice

    karmapolice Guest

    good job man :bigthumb: i also like the back wheel hopping vid. keep updating us :bigthumb:
  12. maciekzw

    maciekzw Guest

    Hey Andreas, 30"? That's sweet! I wish I could do that. I'm just barely making up that 9" box, but I guess with enough practice, I'll get better.

    Thanks for all your guys' input. It totally helps me out. I will keep posting small clips like that just so you guys can see my progress and of course give me more tips.

    The 180 was actually the first time I've ever done it. Usually when I'm on a square block, I swing my back tire till it lands on the ground (about 90 degree turn) and then wip my front 180 degrees. But I could never do it in one smooth motion. So that actually surprised me as well :eek: But I'm glad you guys like it! :bigthumb: