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x-lite mod for sale, whole bike 1000
850 without cranks

or as parts (EXPECT ALL RIMS AND FRAMES TO BE MOD SIZE, eg front rims are 20 inch and rears are 19"
x-hydra frame(welded by jon weaving) 1 yr old, just want to get rid of it, stronger than new cos of jon, HUge gussets, good for beginner to elite

x-lite frame (welded by jon weaving) 8 months old, good condition stronger than a new one because of extra gussets- 400

x-lite stem n bars (bit scratched, good condition 8 months)- 100

x-lite front rim 20inch (as new 3 months) - 40

x-lite forks 20 inch disk only (bit scratched, good condition 4 months)- 200

dx32 rim 19" dt laced to x-lite hub (colourd black, drilled, tough as a brick shithouse, hell it lasted me :p) comes with new ish tire- 150

rear magura with 4 bolt adaptors, +rb 4 bolt booster) bit scratched, working fine, comes with koxx pads, 300.

tires are thrown in with respective rims, all prices are obviously a bit highwill negotiate a lower price for a quicker transaction(to a degree).

all prices are australia, go to biketrials.com, currency conversion to change to respective currency,

can get pics for serious buyers

e-mail on [email protected] or
mobile - 0407513817 :bigthumb:
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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