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www.CanberraTrials.com Video 12 now out!

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Our latest video is out :Wavey:

ive uploaded it to eengoedidee as well as canberratrials.com so that those who can get vids from eengoedidee can while at the same tiem saving my bandwidth.

so Please, those who can get vids from eengoedidee click the link below.

www.CanberraTrials.com Video 12 from Eengoedidee

People who cant get it from the above link click the link below

www.CanberraTrials.com video 12 from canberratrials.com

Please give me feedback :ugh2:


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VERY sick vid Alex

Put together very well with some super impressive riding. Nice to see the aussie rap thrown in there too :).
Proper bo i tell thee!!

Sweet vid man, i reccomend that download to anyone (Y)
Downloading it now, I'll let you know in a minute :bigthumb:

EDIT: Nice video, some good editing there :D
The music is HILARIOUS!! Is that australian rap? Sounds like it should be on a little kids show or something. Good editing and hilarious falls too.
yeah yeah :rolleyes: its australian music of some description :werd:

thought i should show you guys what some of our music is like and i can tell you all like it deep down so if you wnat to download it, its:

Group: the herd
Track: states of transit

thanks for the comments, keep them coming

hey shithead aussie hip-hop's where it's at :) !!

not suitable for little kids shows at all...

and rap is just a bunch of American fools who sing about their aggresive impulses towards other rappers and unfaithful women - also known as the Black street boys - no offence to white American rappers or normal black americans.

haven't seen it yet - but props from a bunch of yanks can't be bad :)

do I star in this one Alex?

- Joel
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OK so I don't star - makes it a good vid though ! very nice work - music fits in very well

- Joel
tomac said:
props from a bunch of yanks can't be bad :)
*ahem* :? Chip too!
yeah OK poms too - they make nice videos of french guys after all

- Joel
very cool video. you guys have been really stepping things up in terms of creativity and style since the first vid i saw from the canberra crew. keep up the good work!
im kinda slow on watching these vids but that was awesome, i love the editing and camera work, (im gonna have to "borrow" some of those ideas) the riding was good too.
nice vid. i am a Austrialian trials rider who comes from melbourne and that was one nice vid!
keep em coming! :)
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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