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    Snapped my ES4 frame so I want another 26" frame or suitable stock bike.

    Cheap and old are both key words here. Dig deep in the neither regions of OTN for this. I am only trying to keep the addiction alive, not live on my Inspired. PayPal is a must and a complete bike price cap is $500 w/shipping.

    I like the way the ES4 rides, handles, and well, I just like it relative to my mod. Which are the only two trials bike I have ridden.

    That said I do not know want I want by name. I would like it to be a frame/bike that feels like the ES4. My riding style is street for the most part. But what ever my style is called I can track-stand, peddle kick, side hop, drop off, manual and peddle up on my stock and do very little of it on the mod.

    I have been to PinkBike and Craigslist there are are a couple of bikes out there; zoo! pitbull, Soul Session, and Plant X zebdi.

    What are your thoughts on what I could look for?

    What do you have?
  2. Ramrod

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    I recommend the Norco Manifesto

    Best damn "street" frame I've ever ridden

  3. perkins

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    I have a Crescent frame, fork, headset, bb, and the crankset (Power Pro with Plazmatic bashring in my for sale thread)... and the bar and stem that's in there would go well with it well. Old school geo = fun bike. Could be an option...

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  4. Trials Smurf

    Trials Smurf We the, little, people of .....