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Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by Ryden, Jun 1, 2004.

  1. Ryden

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    So after my back injuries I could not do any backhops or pedal kicks. So I took a break from trials and rode urban for awhile. One of my favorite moves out of the whole experience was the tail tap. When I went back to trials I noticed I could adapt this to a kind of bunnyhop to rear move. I then noticed when I started trying to slap again that I could get way bigger ups with the bunnyhop to rear than with slaps. I saw Danny Holroyd doing this in one of his videos too. I am just wondering whether I should go back to my now clumsy feeling slaps or just keep going big with the hops? Will it cause bad form and technique in the long run? :dunno:
  2. KeepRollin

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    The only thing you will lose out on is being able to do them with little to no run-up. If you are looking to compete I'd say go back to slaps cause they never like to give you much run-up. There are times when I'm out riding when I don't have much either. In the end it's up to you, but both worth are while knowing. :)

  3. Shipley

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    Hey.. I know what you mean. I rode with a lot more street style when I first started and got to bunny hopping really high up things. It's a great skill to have. Slaps (taps) though don't take as much runup (half of a pedal rotation at close range) as bunny hops do and actually take less effort to get up things if you get the technique down. Both are great skills to have but I'd put more time into your slap technique.
  4. Coramoor

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    The best way is strato dabs. You can get really high with them. Just have your seat in a high position and you can step on it. Watch the koxxdays'04 vid for some good examples..