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Any one notice this kid doing his dirty stuff at the worlds?



Slightly Closer

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I'll be the first to say, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU ON ABOUT?

indeed, where is your mind wandering?!?! more importantly, why am i taking a quick nap before the section?
even more importantley, WHY THE FUCK DID YOU SEE THAT!? :ugh2:
its perfectly clear to me, he likes small children :ugh:
Under the influence of somone sitting next to me i happend to be being stupid with that photo of ks, i was seing what tyres and what sizes he was running etc etc, the clicking got a bit silly and . hahah, that kid is playing with himself. The short story is i like little boys. I quite like you in htose black jeans and peroxided hair actualy andy.

Thats so not me.... :ugh: .... :squint: .... :hs: ... what are you talking about :)
hahaha, this still cracks me up. by the way- if you ever want to know anything about a set up or if i can help out with anything in any way, please feel free to ask. i wouldnt want you stumbling across some kid actually flicking his bean around in a picture... :eek3:
nah i didnt take that pic. I dont know where i found it. I am tired. I should visit otnet more so i dont have to "grave dig".

If i was in on trials forum i would probably get banned for posting in any topic more then 3 hours old.

As a bit of a joke i think i might bring a topic up to the top of trials forum from 6 months ago. See what happens.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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