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Wish I Had Listened to You Guys in 2004 or so....

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....when you were talking about some dopey online alternative currency.

Could be slamming beers and not
giving a damn about bills right now....

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If you are talking about cryptocurrency, there are more people who lost money than who gained money from it. It's just that the people who gained are the loud ones you see online.

You haven't lost anything by not participating. I think there is more value in building up your wealth steadily and safely over the years.
One of my friends back in 2009-2010 or so was a really early adopter of bitcoin, with the approach of mine, hoard, see what has happened after a decade. Dunno what happened because we lost touch but if he did what he said he'd be sitting on stupid amounts of money. Hundreds of millions of USD in btc type shit. He was working for a university doing IT and was mining on a lot of computers in the labs. He is now a recluse on social media but the images he's tagged in he's always travelling, staying in incredible places and is very well dressed.

Another friend purchased a house mostly with bitcoin.

I probably should have listened to them too...
Is this the regrets thread? I have a lot of them...
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Is this the regrets thread? I have a lot of them...
Mine number in the thousands I believe
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good friend was early adopter... he now owns 60 acres or costa rican coast lime, divorced his wife and has 2 kids with a new 30 years younger woman. (hes in his 60s).

Dream life for a while it appears the bitcoin money has run out 15 or so years later... but hes got a crazy house n costa rica and a new son and daughter... everyone thought he was nuts back then
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