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Winter Training Comp Sunday the 18th?

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Throw some tape around rocks, probably just expert and pro, but if there is interest we'll do sport as well. Hang out, see how you're riding this winter. No money or prizes or any real organization, really just a group ride with sections. I'm thinking either the Southern Colorado Expo Center or the new, ultra seceret "g-spot"....

Either saturday or sunday, depending on which will produce the most riders. let me know what y'all think.
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cool, how is weather supposed to be? i might come down... sure.
yeah i might come down too, but i am a sport rider so at least one sport section would be great
i am not a sport rider..so at least one biginner section would be nice. :bigthumb: :greddy2:
alright, sport for sure.

Oh and STFU elan, you're riding sport or expert.
word. im down for saturday or sunday, which ever works. weather should be nice. it was cold as hell today but it should be 50's for through the weekend (at least that what they are saying for now, never know with colorado)
aaack!!!! I'll be partying up in Portland Oregon. Damn. I'll have a beer for each of you.

i wanna gooo soo bad...whe ndoes it start? i have to leave taht night to go "campin' " in the mountains...
The 18th is 2 weeks away...kevin sounded like he was talking about this weekend.
either way, im down for some riding, this cold weather sucks jangs. i will come for the "comp" if i dont make it down this weekend.
you are lucky...i was in D-town today, we have like 3" of snow here in ftc...denver was mint. I'm still riding anyway, been off the bike for 4 days thats too long.
Why were you in Dtown? 20 degrees is 'mint' for you? jeez...
I was dropping my girlfriend off from a trip in winter park. I should've had my bike, great weather IMO...ps it was -60 on top of the mountain 2 days ago :)
anywhere not flat. I was near colorado blvd on i-25, everything I passed looked fine. Theres ~3" of snow here, and luckily I'm not dumb enough to run water in my brake lines (unlike every other ftc rider) so I won't have any problems with my brakes once I fix this flat tire (rose bushes are cunts) :bigthumb:
Noon sounds good to me. I'm thinking sunday, does that work for everyone?
we talkin this sunday or next week sunday? I doubt I can make it with a woodman, but you may see me ride again soem time.
Cool....flat tire fixed...hmm...

Fair Feels Like

Sweet! Ride time late
AndrewT said:
luckily I'm not dumb enough to run water in my brake lines
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