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winter gloves

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Seeing AndrewT's post makes me wonder what sort of gloves you guys use in CO. It must be getting pretty chilly down there. Usually my fingers begin to freeze up when its <5C (like <40F or so), when I wearing my regular gloves.
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I just got in from a ride roman.

I love it...

The most COMMON misconception about colorado is that its COLD!!! ITS NOT COLD. AND IT DOESN'T SNOW AT ALL.

With that said- my winter gloves are either nothing, or very thin gloves. I rode today in a t-shirt, shorts and gloves and a helmet. The past 4-5 days have been chilly, but nothing compared to my home (jersey) or where you are from. I used to ride with a pair of thin gloves, then a pair of big thick ones over it...then sometimes construction gloves of that...and when it was well under 0, with wind, you could see me riding with a face mask :)

Yeah so anyway- normal clothes. If its cold, i wear a hoodie.
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I guess the misconception is true :)

Its freaking below 0 now and salt is everywhere (does wonders for the brass eyelets on the rim). Plus the wind up here gets pretty viscous at times. I guess I should ask some friends of mine for an employee discount for some gloves hehe
Hey Roman,

I don't know if you noticed or not, but I was wearing these Specialized winter gloves when we rode a few weeks ago. They're my favorite winter glove so far...they're completely normal on the palm side, but the back side is insulated with Thinsulate Flex. Check them out at a Specialized dealer, they retail for about $35. Or if you're going to be back in town around Xmas, let me know and I'll pick you up a set. I can get them for you a bit cheaper than that.

i wear just regular fox mtb gloves, like andrew said its not cold that cold up here, even in the winter
Jingle Balls.....it's supposed to snow tomorrow..... :joshers:

Yeah, I rode today as well and it was fook warm. Even when it is cold your hands stay pretty warm. Unless your sittin' around chattin about what fruit ass bike parts you're getting next.
Andrew, stfu. it snows. just not in FTc. and its cold as hell, jsut not in ftc. in georgetown, it probably got up to 30 today.
Hey Sean,
I will be in town starting next week to deal with some litigation issues (fucking sue happy US). So it would be grand if you could hook me up with those gloves cheaply :) Unfortunately I won't have the bike as I am too cheap to haul it by plane.
well obviously elan it will be cold and snow if you are dumb enough to live in the GOD DAMN MOUNTAINS!

And graham...I see no snow outside :)
Saturday was 60, :bigthumb: today snow is blowing everywhere.However where I am in the springs it will melt in 2 days and be back to sweetness. Latex exam gloves!
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