Will trade this (pics) for?

Discussion in 'For Sale / Want to Buy' started by DaneBrammage, Jul 8, 2004.

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    *deal completed*


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  2. joseph

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    i have a mod

    i have a used mod bike i'd be willing to trade for that. It's a blue X-lite, with everything factory and in good working condition with the additions being an extra set of bars and an extra stem, shin guards, plazmatic CRM pads installed, and a threshold booster. This bike works pretty sweet and it's super light. i have pics too. Let me know if you're interested! email me at [email protected] or AOL IM at rainman00004. thanks!


  3. RyanMcVicker

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    I have a Green Monty X-Lite 221 mod that ive been trying to sell. It has hs33 brakes and a threshold 4bolt booster in the rear. It has brand new vp pedals, new kmc chain, and I would also give you an extra rear mod tire, 2 new extra tubes, and some extra grips. It is in great condition and everything works fine on it excpet the right brake lever, you will need to replace the lever only which would cost around $60? Or, i could replace it for you...

    You can see pics of my bike on my other thread called "would anyone buy my bike"

    Anyways, I would be willing to trade you this bike for just the full suspension k2 bike. I don't need the px zebdi.