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Why are the majority of trials riders complete dorks?

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Time to bring some spice...I've been in the game for a long time now (compared to most of the people on here) and I've met a lot of people. I'm keeping this as a stateside, as I don't believe we can make commentary on other cultures unless being part of that culture.

I've heard the reasons for why most trials riders are all huge dorks, but it still doesn't make sense. It's obvious that for anyone to put in a few years into trials they have to be patient and smart...but does that mean they have to be a complete douche? Is the "technicality" of our sport...I don't know.

I've met very few people that I ride who I would be interested in hanging out with, outside of bikes. I've probably met over a hundred riders, from all over the country in my last 4 years of riding.

I guess what brought this on was watching jeff lenosky's keepin' it real the other day and it gave me flashbacks to when I actually had a goal to ride for, and I loved riding- I would do it all day, every day. Now I'm hundreds of times better, and have no interest in touching a bike. I know there is tons that I would like to learn, but I have no reason to do so. I hate the scene, for the most part the people, for lack of a better word, are fucking :greddy: . I feel like JJ or dan drain, "he's an asshole"

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I don't know that I would classify them as dorks Andrew, but a lot of the trials riders I know are just good hearted people. You are more of a partier and a guy that likes to live for the minute. I think the reason why the trials crowd appears dorky to you is that you are a completely different person than most other trials riders I've met. Nothing against you of course, thats just the person you are.

Yes I should've defined "dorks", I meant to leave that in my original posts however Most Extreme Elimination challege swayed my concentration.

...straight edge, no risk, 12 year old humor, robotic, one plan- no swaying...

don't worry about my rambing, its normal for saturday nights.
Hahah, so true....but I think a better word for the type of people who proliferate trials riding is disemic aka socially dislexic. (yeah, I can't spell) Just imagine the word and you'll come up with a definition. I think the sport attracts this demographic because of it's uniqueness and relative lack of high risk. Combine this with the technical aspects of the sport and walaw, fucking douche bags.

Ease off of me fellas. Look how big of a dork I am, I love trials and computers so much that I thought it would be a good idea to make a bike-trials website. What can you do?
None of my shit was written with you in mind Bill- you like guns, and thats not :greddy:
i am guessing most people are douches, because they seem to all come from cross country background, who are vicariously rodie flamers. there's also the vagina factor... most of them have never seen one, and or have one themselves. it's the same way in any group though, there are only a few people that aren't douchebags. i'd say only 10% of the world is cool enough to hang out with me anyway... :rofl:
Dammit taht makes me a dork. oh well trials is fun.

12 year old humor
tee hee you said douche
some people are just bitter.. then theres ANDREW. oh well...who really cares? i may be a dork, i may be a loser, whatever cliche you use is likely to be true. but i have fun, i enjoy the sport, and i like everybody that i have come to meet through trials. maybe some not to the point that id hang out with them, but i like them none the less, every body is nice, and thats all you can really ask for. Andrew fucking rules at riding, and i have huge respect for that. i cant see calling everybody a douche. but like i said before..waht do i know, im only 18. hope to ride soon. with a lot of people who also ride. see you next season andrew..HAHA
by motorcycle no doubt? :eek3:
:greddy2: I have strived to escape this stereotypeof douchebaggery.
This a complex process .I try to immerse myself in the arts, sciences, booze,and vagina.It seems to be working . In my spare time I talk shit ,
and I ride like it too! I collect records and some times I collect dust on my dick....But not since I started riding trials.Ladies,ladies...ok one lady
anyhoo.Yeah there are some friggin dorks .OH YEAH WE CAN CURSE!

Gotta go my friends with trench coats and facepaint are here to play magic! :greddy2: :greddy: :greddy: :werd:
And it's good Andy is here and can say whatever he wants .Now tell me I'm fuckin gay!
easy there tigers. I don't really want to edit posts, but you all are pushing the limits. One thing I won't allow is personal flaming, so don't go making fun of someone.
That was definately not flaming.Vulgar but not flaming.Andy and I are only here to help.Your teabag of the day is earl gay.
I know. just was letting you guys know. I won't allow vulgarity for no reason (except in off-topic) either, a curse word or two here and there is fine, but I don't want these board to look like they're full of a bunch of immature idiots :)
Here in Canada we are all nice eh. No douches here eh. We drink lots of beer and do trials eh. :werd:
i noticed that when i was in bc for the test of metal- you gots some good relaxed laid back folk there. i didnt meet a single douche... eh :cool:
WhiteRavenKS said:
i noticed that when i was in bc for the test of metal- you gots some good relaxed laid back folk there. i didnt meet a single douche... eh :cool:
Dort sind keine Spiegel in Kanada?

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