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Who would come to a winter comp series down here?

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Mike and I found a SICK place to hold a comp. The place is used for four wheel drive expos, and it has a TON of boulders all over the place. Moto trials guys found out about the place, and got permision to ride there whenever they want. Then we heard about it, and also got permision to not only ride, but to even MOVE boulders around with a front end loader if we wanted.

Anyway, Mike and I were thinking about holding some low key trials comps there over the winter. Nothing special at all, pretty similiar to what Andrew's Ft Collins comp was like, but with do-able sections. If we did prizes it would be something like everyone throw $10 into a pot and the top three split it.

Anyway, I thought it would be a great way to practice over the winter. Let me know who'd like to come...
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Sounds good except for the sections part :hs:

not that i'd ride, but go for it!
down like a clown charlie brown... how many events we talking here? 3-4? more?
I guess you can count me in too, cept my winter schedule is going to be busy. Can't guarantee attendance :hs:
fuck riding in this cold ass weather. if the weather is resonable i'll go.
if i have time i would probably show up but my schedule is going to be busy.
i second dolphin.
fuck i'll come down and ride :bigthumb:

I like the coldy. Would the courses involve pedal kicking?
We'll set up a manual competition, just for you Andrew....

Actually, we'd probably split expert and pro, put expert a little harder than normal expert at Mtn States Cup, and pro would be insane.
SOUNDS s2weet for those trying to better themselves.

ok im drunk , bu tthis post is really important. ovbsiously. yes.
Sounds like a good time. Although, I don't know that I'd be able to ride anything if you just put up expert & pro lines. It would be fun to come down and ride what I could and watch you guys pull off some cool lines though. I'll volunteer to drive the front loader around and randomly drop rocks in peoples way.
If we know in advance that we'd get more than three sport riders, I'd definitly put sport sections together.
I'd come as long as I am free

put me down for one Sport rider.
Make em on sunday and I'm there.....Hey pancho, you should talk to tim at trialsin about holding a NATS event there next summer
sport shmort..dont NEED sport sections.. im happy ridin pro/expert sections...i will 5 all of them, but thats cool..no problem here. is matt a sport rider? all i know of is dave and i for that category. ??
Ok, it's been decided, there WILL be sport sections, but expect them to be hard for sport. What do you guys think about the sport sections being at the level of EASY expert/ HARD sport?

I'd say we could do one this weekend, but I've got a seriously sprained ankle, and I'm out for probably another week or so.

Sundays will work for us...
I'm down for seriosly hard sport sections Pancho. We need to bridge the gap from sport to expert.
I can't do one this weekend anyhow, much too busy. But your idea of sport sections sounds like my cup of tea.

this soon? i was thinking about later on.. ive got mad school class to take care of..so i wont be there
I'm sure most college folks will be busy in the next few weeks with finals/thx giving etc...then x-mass time...A great time would be january and feb and stuff like that.
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