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who is the best rider

who is best?

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alrite, i just finished watching all of the videos of the riders in my poll.
my question is who is the best rider, say there were a challenge for the Coustellier boys Gilles and Giacomo vs. Vincint Hermance vs TRA (Thomas Remvik Aasen), who do you think would win?
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i would just go ahead and take tra off that crap... no offense to him he goes absolutely huge and he is a solid rider but after you see vincent and the coos bros ride some really tricky stuff you would be all "tra who?"

giacomo is a beast. he is so dominant right now. gilles is really amazing too but between the two i definately see giacomo as the besster rider right now. keep in mind he is also a year older and a year bigger (more muscles, more riding time all that jazz).

vincent is an amazing rider and definately will be in the top 8 at worlds for finals for a long time to come but i dont see him riding as well as the brothers do right now. that may change though, he has improved a TON over the last year or two.

everyone of these riders goes big and has gobs of skill but until you see them in a setting that would push everyone to their max they are all just at the same level in videos. at worlds and other uci comps and stuff you get to see who truely comes out on top.
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i voted giacomo, because i think he is teh best all around rider ever... but i think you asked a bad question..actually, you jsut gave us bad choices... the bad thing is, that gicaomo has no competition, fro mwhat ive seen. TRA vs. Giacomo vs. Hermance is apples, oranges, and pears... IMO
...even though hes not on you list, what about cesar canas?

he may not ride UCI, but watch some competition tapes, he pulls amazingly huge super technical moves....

and benito?

hermance was riding mod recently i thought so...yea....i need to sleep more often...

hermance picked up mod this year... and qualified for finals at worlds... rediculous.

cesar and benito are both amazing riders too but i think this poll was directed to 26 riders whether that was on purpose or not i dont know. mod riders are a different breed and requrie different technique and style usually. for mod my vote goes to cesar and marco. both are amazign riders in their worlds (biu and uci respectively) and both are super nice guys who are amazingly professional and good ambasadors of the sport- just as the top guys should be.
WhiteRavenKS said:
hermance picked up mod this year... and qualified for finals at worlds... rediculous.
Bit like Gilles - he rides a mod bike once a year at the worlds... and he won it :? Scary.

Now hes got his Onza all year round, he might be even better :rolleyes:

As for best rider... even though Gilles is 2 years younger than Giaco, theres really not much in it. Giaco is still a more rounded rider though i feel. Ive never seen Hermance ride close up... but from his vids he looks a superb rider. When i rode with TRA, he didnt impress me massively. However, he was on his new bike, with a sore back, lol. Hes definitely pulling some massive moves, but like you said Kevin, he doesnt really have the world-class style, control and smoothness of the others.

Giaco gets my vote...
gilles got 2nd this year in jr 20... this after being on a bike again for a week after breaking both his arms on a bike he got a few days before the comp... same with hermance, he doesnt ride mod much but he qualified for finals this year... rediculous.
I could watch vid like that 900 times more than a good edited vid of a guy who thinks he has a bmx and have to do as much "style" as he can into every move he do (manuals as often). The thing is that every move they do is just about flawless and its beautiful to watch, giaco is just about best and vids like that are vids you learn from, watching them nosepicking such huge stuff(you can see his head nearly touches the wheel), how insane clearence he has(wheel to but) on that tap to rear wheel and it just looks so nice. Sometimes some people say shit as "oh he did a 10 feet gap , he`s amazing!" and I can comment "I dont give a f**k it were very shitty done, his positioning were way off, didnt this didnt that" and the other guy says "what you kidding? I didnt see anything wrong with it!" . My point is that the enjoyment in watching stuff like this is that what ever they do are so good performed, go into where his pedals are, where his head are, where his back are, where this where that are, not just if he got up or not, thats not alwyas what I look for.

At the looks of it he couldnt sidehop it but he had emense amount of clearence on his tap, I can quite probably sidehop that but I would struggle hard to get that clearence he had on his tap, why if im more explosive? His technique is quite probably the thing.

I analyze every video I watch like this , and thats why these videos are the only ones who can actually give me a lot of satisfaction .

Btw im not trying to tell you how it is, its just my opinion and im quite certain of it aswell .
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BTW: that is what TRA said about some Coustellier action.
WHY in the flying CHRIST is TRA up there? AAAAAAAAHhhahahahahah
TRA is 2GA y and a poor chooser of music
hahaha i dunno why i put him up thier.. he seemd prity good.
what the hell? two votes for tra and one for vincent? something tragic and wrong with that... no offense to tra but hes isnt in the same class as the others is all.
Wow, that quote from TRA really sums up the differences. It's really cool to see somebody as incredible as TRA saying those things about the Couselliers.
Tra seems like a cool guy, he has monster power, does teh hugest moves...but he lacks teh technical ability of a hermance, or a coustellier.
Yeah, but what about the pink and purple sweats TRA wears? OMG... the next frame of that video he actually looks like he is capable of dressing himself, but that one outfit was insane....
ahaha..i think the reason TRA got votes, and was even up there, was the effect of pure video wow-ing-ness... in videos, huge urban looks sicky-sicky... technique is harder for the average joe to find when watching a video. so therefore, vincent/coustellier stuff would have less of a ohhh, ahh-effect. not that they dont go huge also, but TRA only goes huge.
Actually, I only voted for TRA to piss you off
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