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Where to buy Maxxis tires?

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The one of my LBS that carries a few Maxxis tires, and could probably order what I want, I would rather not give them money and encourage the morons there. The other two LBSs I'd deal with can't get the full spectrum of Maxxis tires.

I'm after the 2.35 High Roller, single ply, 42 compound.

Am I gonna be going direct to Maxxis to get this? Any online stores carry the full range of Maxxis?
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$39 1st choice on that page, and it's in stock...lowest price I found too. I found other places, but they were a 60d...street version I guess. Found some semi-slicks, but I doubt you want those, LOL. There are UST ones, but I dunno what thier differnce is between the regular high roller and the UST as the only differnce ANY site says is that it's UST specific....yeah, real descriptive, LOL. They don't give Duro for the UST on ANY site I found either.... :dunno:
Eh....get a minion... I ordered mine off cambria...3 weeks later, no clue where it is though. CUNTS
www.unrealcycles.com should have the full line up of maxxis tires, not sure about pricing, but I bet they are cheaper than your local bike shop. word
I cancelled my cambria order, and now www.webcyclery.com is hooking it up fast...give them a call they can get anything.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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