Where do you shop for trials crap?

Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by slctrials.com, Feb 20, 2004.

  1. slctrials.com

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    Just curious about where everyone buys their trials stuff and why you buy from them? Good shit? fast delivery?...what's important to you? I'm Toying with the idea of starting an online shop.

    What are your thoughts?
    Peace out
  2. OTAdmin

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    If it something small I always pick it up in town, or something like gloves that you want to try on. For actual frames and more trials-oriented parts I've always purchased from webcyclery. I always come back to them because they always know when they have something in stock and they don't lie to you if they don't have it in stock. Every time I've ordered from them it's gone out the same day. Speed and friendliness are really the two most important elements that I look for in a shop, because I don't like to wait around for parts.

    TryAllAmerica, I've never actually had to order anything from Graham, and I've never bought anything large, so my experience is limited here. I always just pick stuff up from him when we ride. Graham is a nice guy, I don't see anyone having any problems with him.

    Tim @ Trialsin, Lots of good and bad here. Tim has done a lot for our sport, and sometimes its easier to get more exotic stuff from him. The problems I've had with Tim are that he consistently lies to me about stuff he has in stock, and he lies about when he shipped stuff. If you haven't shipped it yet, TELL ME THAT! I don't want to be waiting around on the part and have it not show. All of the stuff I've gotten from Tim has come late, and was actually not shipped out when he said it was. This makes it pretty hard for me to order from him again, so I don't

    Overall, I'd say that its important that you're honest with your customers about when you ship stuff, and ALWAYS provide them with tracking numbers, NO EXCEPTIONS! And get the stuff out when you say you will. If someone orders something by 3:00 on a weekday and you have it in stock, it should go out that day. Theres nothing customers love more than seeing their stuff show up 3 days after they order it. Be honest on the phone, don't steer someone towards something they don't need. Most anyone that orders stuff from an online trials shop also visits forums like these and asks questions. If they think you're being dishonest with them, they'll go shopping elsewhere. Don't make an ass out of yourself online advertising your business on the message boards every chance you get. Stephen won't put up with it for a second, and I don't like watching businesses make profits on my dime when they won't even spend a penny advertising. If you make an effort to check the forums once a day and are always helpful and nice, word will spread on its own and you'll have a loyal customer base in no time.

    Hopefully I didn't forget anything, good luck if you go for it :)


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    I suppose now would be a good time to introduce myself. My name's Tom, I run a little baby online shop out of my house. Those who go to it will probably scream and yell because Brisa is one of my primary dealers. Woodman is on the list, I just don't have the money right now. I'm obviously no competition to Tim or Webcyclery, I kinda run it as my hobby. And I work for a local bike shop here in Charleston so I don't make much capital to throw into the business. But yeah, Brisa-haters, I'm sorry, I'll admit I like their stuff. Bill I'm sorry I don't advertise, but I don't have a huge inventory being as I do this in my spare *cough* time and I really don't have the cash. I'd be glad to make some sort of donation though, just let me know where to go to do it.

    I'm really not interested in making a huge sum of money. I'd be happy to break even. What I really want is to get more people into the sport. Specifically people I can ride with, not that there's anything wrong with BMXers and freeriders.
  4. OTAdmin

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    No need to apologize for not advertising, I understand people can't afford it... I just don't like it when people bombard a message board with posts about their business but then won't support the site. However, if it wasn't for people that do have money to advertise, places like this wouldn't exist... they're just too damn expensive to run! I don't accept donations, and that will forever be my policy unless I'm in dire straits and just flat out can't afford to keep the site going without them. Thanks for the offer though.
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    i agree with matt webcyclery is the most relieable and they usually have the best stock and i too have always had my parst shipped out the day i ordered them (i get so happy...like matt said... when i get it 2-3 days later.lol) only one complaint with webcyclery(but i think i understand why) They dont always post evertying they have on the website. they have proably ne part you can think of.. and if they dont they are ording it.... but lots of times they dont have it on their website( im looking for a hub and they dont have king or profile mod hubs on site but i know they ahve them) just call them and tell them what you want and mean Todd will hook you up
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    Yeah, I've ordered some stuff from webcyclery, and it was as Bill described, instock and out the same day. Pretty friendly guys too, as well as knowledgeable.

    Now, from Tim @ TrialsinUSA, I think it is a mixed batch, maybe in the past he was different, but when I ordered my bike recently, he sent it out the same day...well, he told me FedEx already came so it'd have to wait till Monday, but it DID get sent on Monday. Upgraded the shipping to 2-day for me too at no extra charge...awesome. Then I called and told him my Julie wouldn't work and he offered to send me another fork, but offered I try out the Louise before we jump to any faulty fork conclusions (the brake the bike comes with complete). Then I ordered my cranks...got stuck in customs for a week, so I got a free Louise brake(the one mentioned), S Fly pads, and rear Booster, as well as overnight shipping....jeez, that customs thing was out of his hands, and he compensated.....WELL OVER. Stuff he didn't really need to do, but did....soooo awesome.

    I've only ordered Manifesto from Ken at the TrialsinShop, but he sent it out before he recieved payment, like...I told him my card needed to have funds tranferred over to it, so I would call him back. He said he'd just ship it out and charge my card tomorrow so he could for sure ship it out before the weekend....how awesome is that?

    So overall, I've had a pretty pleasent experiance with all 3 shops.....seems like you can't go wrong with either.....I'll prolly keep going back to Tim just for the fact we've talked so much over the phone about misc trials crap...and he's actually helped me get on the road....he's cheaper in most cases too :bigthumb:
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    I live in England so my choices will be different. But i get a lot of stuff from chain reaction cycles. But i usually shop around for most stuff and find that some of the smaller shops are doing better deals. But I use chain reaction cycles as they have fast free delivery and have a wide range of components to choose from and seem good on warranty although I havent used that a lot.

    But I think it is a good idea if you are buying gloves,helmets or pads you should go to a shop to try them on to make sure thay are a nice fit and comfartable.

  8. afrobot

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    I have to put a good word in for Tim here. Though I have not ordered from him, you must remember ,he is a distributer. Yes, he also sells retail.
    But the majority of his profit comes from places like Web cyclery buying a crate of frames at a time.
    The sport is so small ,he pretty much has to do some retail sales and maybe should take some of the recent critiques to heart.But his contributions such as the NATS series .Don't chime in and bash that too!
    Just cut the guy a little slack.
    Web cyclery gets 2 thumbs and 2 toes up. When I broke my frame and needed to buy a new one at pro deal/EP whatever you wanna call it.Trialsin
    had NO frames but WC hooked me up very generously.They were rewarded with a $70 bottle of single malt scotch.Awsome guys.
    Graham @ Tryall is doing awsome and is a fuckin badass on two wheels.
    sells the best products and rides them well.Send him money too!
  9. BiKe4EvEr

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    webcyclery.com is the poo when it comes to online ordering :bigthumb: and if it's anything try all, try all america sounds hella good too
  10. Yoda

    Yoda They see me rollin'

    I haven't had problems with either Tim or Todd, although Todd is a mean guy. But I usually go through Webcyclery for one main reasson: they have a checkout system in place so you can order online. They are also pretty good at having stuff in stock.
  11. AndyT

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    Webcyclery....100% chance of actually getting to talk to someone all the time, 100% chance of getting the truth and guaranteed they actually send it out.
  12. DanBowhers

    DanBowhers I farted.

    Webcyclery is pretty sick, when I ordered my jackflash (and all its parts) they said everything was in, but when they went to get it my cassette wasnt, they immediately emailed me and said sorry (not their fault...) and sent a nicer cassette in it's place...thats pretty cool.
  13. ascentrek

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    if I'm not in a hurry: who ever is cheapest.
    if I'm in a hurry: Who ever has it that can get it to me the fastest.
  14. Bloodhound

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    The first thing I look at is the prices. WC is good but places like tryallamerica have significantly better.

    The most important thing I consider is responding to emails/PM's in a reasonably quick fassion! You know who you are... please reply to me asap.

    I have had exelent expiriences with Ken from thetrialsinshop.com. Great service, great prices, but limited products.
  15. trialsbug

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    I have had good service from Tim and WebCyclery. WebCyclery has a wider selection of parts, but Tim seems to have exactly what he needs to build bikes for a reasonable price without needing to do any major upgrades.

    I recently purchased a Pure and a Team from Tim and I had them within just a couple days after he received a shipment from Echo. I have no complaints about the service from either place.
  16. ty

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    i buy all my trials stuff (seat, frame, mod wheel, etc) from webcycelry, if it isnt trials specific i go through my lbs cause they hook me up. I have never had any sort of problem with webcycelry and would highly reccommend them. I have not done any business with graham (tryallamerica) but he is a good guy and i dont think you would have any problems. I have not met tim nor done any business with him so i cant say
  17. RomanR

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    i get all my stuff from the local shop at cost. anything trialsy ive had to buy i have gotten mad deals on. 250 us for my zebdi frame, then 750 cnd for a levelboss. all trialsy parts ive gotten too cheap. i always luck out!
  18. Faction Bike

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    sorry about being slow on the PMs this weekend, I was at motorama so my access to computers was limited. Let me know if you received my PM yesterday. Later.
  19. Elan

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    if you want to make a good shop, do the obvious, dont hike up retail too much, which is hard for a retailer to deal with..i know, i work at a bike shop.

    second, communication is KEY in running a mail/e-mail-order kind of business...probably with any business actually..

    as for making a shop, go for it, trials retailers in america need some competition i think. maybe not.
  20. stocktrials

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