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When/Where are we riding next?

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hey CO crew, where and when are we riding next?
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i donno, but have fune. haha
I'll be riding CU on Saturday or Sunday if I can get my parts working(bike, and nuts), my chain snapped in the middle of a lunge and my nuts hit my stem pretty hard :eek: so depending on if my everything is in working order I should be able to ride.
I'm available to ride part of Saturday, and most, if not all of Sunday. I'm in the contact section of this forum. call me.
robins...call me. I don't have to work on saturday....lets ride it up.
Please post location and time for Saturday.. I'd like to ride too.
How about the Green Peak?? Unexplored horsetooth territory, looks fucking insane...guaranteed video if we ride there saturday.
I'll come for either day, but not both, so let me know which day is gonna be the best.
sunday is best for me but if graham has to work......i might be able to make a saturday ride................maybe
if somebody has a rear magura they want to sell or trade..im there
I think the snow is going to start Saturday night, so let's ride Saturday. Andrew: DIRECTORS CUT PLEASE!
Patrick- I've had the cut waiting for your ass, you never show up to anything. I've had my own for over a week now.

30 percent chance of snow from sat through wednesday, if you are so much of a pussy that snow showers make you not want to ride, don't come up.
calm down, calm down... I know I've missed some events.. so sorry.

Ok, I will ride wherever everyone decides this weekend.
out of curiousity anyone riding at CATS tonight or just plain CU tonight the weather is good, let me know
hmmm, sounds interesting
ill be in denver yet again, might be able to ride
dude, I'm down for anyday....tommy no worky this weekend
lets see, no class tomorrow, saturday or sunday, and I get off classes at 5 on friday. horsetooth is good or anywhere really, even downtown FTC BRAUS

Picture of Horsetooth. Why post it? Just because Im a nerd.
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