when are 15 mm through axel required?

Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by oman4eva, May 15, 2020.

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    Hi All

    After many years i'm considering again of getting a trials bike and leaning toward quick and cheap to just feel the temperature of the water. I'm deciding between jumpbikes Dual Thru Axle 24'' SAW or one of the cheaper 24" offerings which seem to all basically be a brandless knock off of the czar neuron (frame seems identical and i suspect this is the manufacturer knocking off their own client).

    My question is, how necessary is 15 mm through axles? obviously the beefier the better but at what height drop do you really start wanting them? I could imagine if your dropping 1 story you'd bloody well want them but if your dropping one 4' flight of stairs and stuff it up and land right down 45 degree on the front wheel, you'd probably be ok with regular skewers?

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    Very few comp trials bikes use thru axles so definitely not required. For the street bikes, the stiffest platform is desirable, but that's mostly for feel, not performance. For MTBs they make more sense because speed is the real force multiplier. A static 10' drop is a different animal from a 10' drop at 25mph. Honestly a tapered headset is more of a bonus.
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