What's your major, and how'd you get there?

Discussion in 'The Gutter' started by oicdn, Dec 1, 2004.

  1. oicdn

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    Most of the people on thie forum are in college. Just curious to see what everybodies major is. And how are you getting through college...i.e scholarship(you actually went to class in HS???), or the brutal way of funding yourself through?

    Me? Funding myself with various grants recieved for being azn :bigthumb:. Fast-track program for child psychology. Should have my Masters in Psych in 2 years, and possibly 1 year after that my PhD in Child Psych. Going to a Community college for my core classes (should be done with those the end of this semester!!!) and academic fast-track scholarship for either UNF of UF......

    What's everybody elses?
  2. KeepRollin

    KeepRollin New Member

    Mechanical Engineering, applying to grad school now.

  3. ridesoul

    ridesoul Guest

    third year electronics engineering technologist student. im funding my way through. i will be done in 4 months. i did a fast-tracking to get my technician diploma in a year. also, you get degrees in university here in canada and diplomas from college (not sure how it works in the US). i also dont have a major because i am learning a skilled trade so i take what i need for my diploma, thats it. based on that, i guess i could say my major is electronics engineering lol.

  4. biketrials25

    biketrials25 New Member

    Adult entertainment with an emphasis in directing.... After five years of riding I gave up my dream of female Trials groupies. It will NEVER happen...
  5. jobottDMB

    jobottDMB New Member

    Mathematics major, parents are funding me for now. Ill see how long that lasts.
  6. digby

    digby New Member

    computer science. All hail the pale friendless virgins!!!!

    Seriously though, my friends catch me doing Nick Burns Shit all the time and they always call me out on it.

    My buddy Juan was trying to fix this old ass computer. The thing was so old it had more vesa slots than pci and he was trying to put in a 160 gig ata 100 drive. He was asking my friend Jackie and I computer questions

    Juan: so I need to upgrade this drive, I need more room so I can get all the porn and music of Alex's(digby) computer

    Jackie: That ata100 drive wont work in that old ass computer, you gotta buy a controller card for it, and even then it might not work. Your still running windows 98, and that computers a peice of shit

    Juan: How much is a controller card?

    Jackie/Me: $50

    Juan(aka the cheapest bastard known to man): what thats outrageous, whats the biggest drive I could get in this without having to buy a card?

    Jackie: probably a 30 gig ata33 drive.

    Juan: how much is one of those?

    Jackie/Me: shrug, Idunno

    Juan: Well were can I get one for a good price.

    Jackie: (with a thick ass asian accent) in a museum

    Pause while Jackie and I laugh our asses off and juan has no clue what were laughing at.


    to make a long story short, the worst thing about being a computer science major is getting harrased constantly for free computer help/advice/work/programming.

    I pay for college with paid computer help/advice/work/programming.

    that and a little soft core porn on the side.
  7. zebdidude

    zebdidude Guest

    I am a Master of Science Student majoring in Geology. Funding is provided to me by my supervisor. This graduate work is much better than any undergrad class ever. Also managed to get hooked up with a sweet oil company in Calgary, Alberta this summer.
  8. Guss78

    Guss78 New Member


    Degree in Geophysics a couple years ago (calgary). Paid for it by working up North near the NWT/Alberta border in Oil and Gas production....many wasted summers.
  9. AndyT

    AndyT New Member

    those poor poor poor children.

    kid "Daddy touches me... in my no no spot"

    oicdn "That is too bad timmy, hey what bike should I get? LOL LOL"
  10. CoppellStereo

    CoppellStereo Ruff Rider

    Animal Science with a Pre-Med track, i have billions of dollars of loans at Texas A&M:x:
  11. willapaj

    willapaj New Member

    Senior Geology major at UMaine. Applying to grad schools. Interest in fluvial geomorphology/marine geology. Funded by a couple scholarships, loans, 70+ hrs/week in the summer.
  12. DanBowhers

    DanBowhers I farted.

    im in the honors film program at my university which basically means i write way tooooo much. Grad school soon then will probably end up as a professor of film...
  13. jmkimmel

    jmkimmel Active Member

    Same here.
  14. KyleT

    KyleT Guest

    In US/Canada, do you need a certain Year 12 score to get into college/university? I think someone may have answered this way back in another thread, but it just wasn't very clear to me how the thing works. Over here, you need a decent Year12 score, or parents with a shitload of money and university administrator people that are succeptible to bribes....
  15. zebdidude

    zebdidude Guest

    It all depends on what faculty you want to get in to. For the school I goto, any fool could get in from highschool. I would say an average grade of 65% would get you into school forsure....but perhaps not exactly what you want. I would say anything above an 80% would get you into what you want to do. Of course this changes with every school.
  16. here in australia we pay about AU$5000 a year - or turn it into a loan, then go work overseas and never pay it back again :)

    I've finished physics science & electronics engineering, and almost all the riders here in perth are doing some sort of engineering.
  17. steve_v

    steve_v New Member

    Masters in Counseling Psychology, BA in Psych/Music Theory. I'm going to welding school in the Spring, just for fun.
  18. B1105

    B1105 New Member

    In the USA at least, your Grade 12 grades/scores determine basically which university you go to. If you want Ivy Leagues, you need top notch grades, but if you slack off, you can still go to a community college for $500 a year and still be sucessful.
  19. RomanR

    RomanR DualDisc 26"

    The college I go to started offering degrees this september, so I went into the Bachelor of Information Security. Fancy pants program, 4 years, 1 year co-op, oportunity of doing co-op in Japan at the end. It's 33 guys, with one scary tomboy girl. The math courses got compressed from a semester into 7 weeks, harsh. Entry average requirement was 70%, I had 85 so I was in. It costs lots of grands, about 7 per year, crazy. College fund will take care of the first couple years, then it's up to me.
  20. mikeschiavone

    mikeschiavone Active Member

    some schools, like boston u., harvard, MIT, have an SAT score of 1490 or something stupid.

    they also cost about 20,000$ a year