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Whats the advantage of a fixed cassette hub?

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Well, what are the pro's and con's to a fixed cassette Rear hub?
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Pro: won't dig into hub drive shell

Con: can't change it up to save weight or add a gear you want.
a cog will still dig into the drive shell since it is still under a stress load.

the main reason i got from riders at worlds was that it is supposed to move weight inboard in your bike. by moving the weight under the rider rather than out at the ends of the bike, it makes it easier to move around. its kind of like when xc wheels moved the spoke nipples to the hub rather than the rim... that same idea.

cons- they are all overpriced for what they are, they are more of a hassel to build initially (you would have to get the hub measured or know them ahead of time), they are not as light as they really could be right now...

im sticking with my king but that's not to say fixed rear hubs are a bad thing- just different.
Using a specific fixed hub as opposed to a modified shimano shifting the weight is one advantage .The other being the miniscule weight loss of smaller cogs and a few less links.Better clearance on the front. Also a stronger wheel with less dish!
on top of all that, when white industries releases their trials freewheel it will make the front freewheel setup the shite
Tryall America said:
on top of all that, when white industries releases their trials freewheel it will make the front freewheel setup the shite
this reminded me of something- in croatia, we were all pretty much blown away with marco hosel's riding and steve told him he was the shit and he took offense to this. steve explained to him that there is a difference between being "the shit" and being "a shit" and everything was cool after that. language barriers are funny.
hee hee hee.... be carefull with the 'thumbs up' there Fonze, some cultures take greate offense to that as well!
if they dont appreciate the fonz they can suck it :bigthumb:
sit on it chachi.
Another good thing about having front freewheel and a fixed hub, which is very handy in comps is that you can change gears without moving. Because the cassette spins whenver the wheel does, if there's a particularly big up, you can flick it down a gear, endo and kick the pedals a bit and viola, you've changed gear. On a standard rear freehub you would have to be riding along for this to happen.
Lots of people can shift a regular set-up without moving using the same technique. I think you mean that you can shift while rolling but without pedaling?
Yeah, its the same principle to shift in position with either setup. Just with a FFW all you have to do is kick the pedals a bit, you don't have to do a full crank revolution or two to shift.

And once ya get used to being able to shift without pedalling, its rather addictive. I find myself now trying to do that on my urban bike and my road bike.
People have deraillers that actually work!??!?!
you don't have to worry about the chain moving and getting bunged up when you back pedal, little less of a hassel. chain skip sucks!
usually when i backpedal it fixes chain misplacement and gets it set to go for the next move
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