What hydro disk brake to get?

Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by trialsmasta, Nov 4, 2004.

  1. trialsmasta

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    I was told the Shimano Deore's were pretty good but how do they compare to the Maguras? I guess the most important question is do they lock up like Avid mechanicals?
  2. Trialsaddict

    Trialsaddict I have no idea.

    I use Magura's as well as others I ride with. They perform really well. There are many different options out there. Go to your LBS and see if they have any you can test on a bike. If you don't want hydro, go Avid mech.

  3. WhiteRavenKS

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    the maggies and the avid juicys work really well when they hold up but both seem to have problems with leaks. i used an xt 4piston for a while from time to time and it worked very well but the pads had sloppy tollerances and wobbled a lot. the new 04/05 louise seems to be pretty good stuff. nice balance of power, modulation, price. i dont want to say anythign about the new hope because it simply hasnt been used enough to really get any impressions on it. unless you are dead set on going hydro i would still say the top brake is the avid mechanical.
  4. Elan

    Elan steve french

    teh new try-all/hope is going to be around $290 from the figures i recieved...so any rich mofuckas wanna try that out go right ahead.

    avid mechanical > *