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What do listen to?

  • punk

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Difficult listening! Venitian snares,Dj hellfish, TheProducer, Autechre, Fonkstorung,AmonTobin,Aphex, almost anything electro and noisy.Guitars
,with a few exeptions ,are fuckin gay.Teen angst music is lame ,and whiney pop "punk" songs about girls are about as creative as a paint by numbers velvet last supper kit.Which are actually kinda' fun! Extreme rock is so fucking INTENSE! It's good music for growing tulips! :rant2:.

The new Isley Bros is good shaggin toons.Written and produced by soul legend and sex offender extrordinaire, R.Kelly. Can I get a Poo Poo-Pee Pee.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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