What an impact Vincent is making.

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    I was just thinking more about it and Vincent comming to the states and riding is making the hugest impact on North America. Don't you think?

    All the forums in North America are getting these amazing vids of him riding(thanks to Kevin and so many) and his popularity is going through the roof. Who does not like this guy or who does not like his riding??? ahhh ya nobody.

    Not to mention all the new people it will attract to the sport. Who new that bringing one great French rider over for a week could do so much, well maybe others of you thought so but not me.

    I have to Thank everyone who is now promoting this guy and most of all him, Vincent Hemance for making the effort to come to the states which is more than I can say for the coust guys. It was not the hugest turn out but it will be twice the size if not more, if he comes back I bet. Just cause everyone realized how great it was and if you weren't there how much you missed.

    All I can say is a great big thanks to Mr.Hermance and I'm shure I'm not the only one. :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:
  2. Sonic

    Sonic Plaid, I have not gone.

    I think the people around me became tired of my saying, "this is really good for the US riders to see firsthand." It really puts world class riding levels into perspective when you can see it in person, and a lot of important riders saw that at the CO Springs comp. Riders who have only seen Vincent on video or cant afford trips overseas really understand how much harder they must work to become a world class rider, if they desire to be so.

    So one more hand raised in appreciation for those who made his trip over here possible. :bigthumb:

    Want to see the Cousts now, I dont see how anyone could beat Vincent. :p

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    History repeats itself!

    I too, agree that any Euros that come to visit is a great thing for the sport here in the US/North America. Back in August, 1997 when JP put on the BIU World event in Lake Tahoe, lots of Euros visited and rode the round, as well as many of the Japanese team riders. This was pretty much before most of the internet boards, so comments about their impact were not as thoroughly understood.

    The Spanish riders were incredible. The things that Ot Pi, Cesar Cans, Jordi Rubio, a very young Dani Comas, Jaroni Fajardo (now a top moto-trials force in world events) & others, could do on a bike, astounded all who saw them Very similar to the impact that Hermance is now having. The Japanese riders, mostly on Montys, but some on Cervezas (yes, named after beer!) rode extremely smoothly, plus, they brought over their Femina (women's) world champ, Mio Suemasa, who is now a world class UCI downhiller. At the time, Mio was about 14 years old, and truth be known, she could actually out-ride JJ Gregorowicz who was one of the top mod US riders. Top US rider, I believe, was old man Jim Trigonis, of San Francisco...no on here even knew he could rear-wheel hop, until that event when he surprised us all. Jim was one of those wise old guys who conserved energy, and only hopped when absolutely necessary.

    About 3 months prior to this outdoor event, JP also promoted the indoor worlds in Los Angeles at the convention center, in conjunction with the SoCal Bike Expo. Riders attending included many of the aforementioned Spaniards, but additionally Jaromir Spesny & Petr Kraus of Czech Republic, Martyn Ashton & Martin Hawyes of UK, and few Japanese riders. Interestingly, the only US pro rider who still competes on a regular basis, was a very young Shaun Miller, at the time, a high school student in Hollidaysburg, PA.

    Later in the 90's, the Polish crew came to many events. Mostly riding stock bikes, Rafal Kumorovski (sp), Tomas Kramarcek and others, prompted Jeff Lenosky to comment that trials was being taken over by Pollocks,, since both he & JJ Gregorowicz were also on the podium at a Mammoth event.

    Anyway, I regress. The sales of mod bikes shot higher than ever in the US, as a result of the event. Mod bike classes were way bigger than stock class, probably due to these events. Interest in trials was at a highpoint in the US. Hopefully, we will gain some new riders in North America, as a result of the visiting Vincent Hermance. Thanks to JP, or whoever made the invite for him to come.
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    I remember when I attended the 97 world round in tahoe the amount of techinque I learnt from hanging around the euros and competeating in the event.

    I was lucky enough to camp next to the spanish, I remember Dani C being a 12 year old beating my ass on everything. I aslo remember one of the best riders in the world, who retired because of some injury, Jorge Gali, he was like 16 at the time competeing in Junior, he did stuff I thought it was impossible. I´m going to try and find some footage from that event and post it, it was an awsome event, some very big sections with spools, logs, cars, ramps, and natural trerrain.

    I remember that every EURO was practicing wedges at that time, remember that it´s a BIU event, and including the girls where wedging stuff to go up.

    I remember this small kid (spaniard that can´t remember his name, ridind a junior megamo) he was like 10 and was jumping off backward from a picnic table on his back wheel, when he landed he continued on his backwheel. This was playing around on the camp site.

    I also remember riding with the canadian crue, including Ryan Leech, he was really good-

    I´ll try to get some footage so some of you take a glimpse of the level back in 97.
  5. bubbazanetti

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    That kid!

    That kid on the Megamo was Jeroni Fajardo, the 96-97 world Benjamin class champion.

    Ryan Leech had a really rough day, falling victim to heatstroke after about 4-5 sections. That was the first time I met Robin Coope. He had a broken wrist, with a cast that had red plastic hoses protruding from it, like some sort of science experiment gone awry!
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    I could not agree with you guys more! And I know some folks are mad at JP, but it has been his events or events that he pushed for that have brought all of these different groups of riders over here from the first one mentioned to the event this week-end.

    I am not saying others have not had a huge impact on this sport in recent years and in Vincent's, case I think some one else got him to come over, but he was here to do the UCI National event (which JP pushed for the series) and the Speed trials event, JP and Stevo are doing a lot of work right now to see to it that riders in the US have a chance to see the best riders and to become the best riders they can be! For example two training trips to Europe, a UCI NORBA National Championship Series, and work on the World team already alread this year.

    If we want these guys to keep working on doing these sort of things we will have to support them by being at the events. No one else is willing to put on a US National series and to take kids to the World Championships, with money coming out of their own pockets and such a huge time commitment.

    Sure, I know JP and Stevo aren't perfect, but they do listen and are trying to do things better, I know can't spend the time doing the things they are doing! I wish more of you could have seen that Big Bear comp!

    Now back to the whole point, yes Vincent is GREAT and anyone that has seen a video of his riding still doesn't have a clue how GREAT he is in person. The video just can't show how hard the things he is doing really are.

    Riders like him do inspire us, and we do find the desire in ourselves to work harder and to become better than we would have, if we had never seen a rider like him ride. And the next time he comes back I am sure more people will come out to see him, because now people KNOW how much better these guys can ride and they will want to see it.

    I just hope we have the events that will draw these guys over here, and I think we will, things are going in the right direction. And a big THANKS to VINCENT HERMANCE for all the time and effort he put in to coming over here. And all of the years of hard work that he has done as a rider!

    However, I won't knock the Coust brothers for not coming, there was a lot of Euro riders that could not come over because they had other things going on that were important to them. It isn't the Euro riders job to come over here and inspire us and to push us to be better riders, but it is sure nice that VINCENT could do just that!

    It is our job to figure out what we need to do be better riders and do it!

    I think things are headed in the right direction! And the fact that Vincent is here shows we are doing some things right.

    And I am not sure who it was that arranged for Vincent to be here, but I would like to know for sure so that I can thank him, for a job well done!

    Jim VanSchoonhoven
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    ^^ Dude, every post you make is inspiring/insightful.....atleast, they are to me
  8. AndyT

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    When the worlds were in vail, colorado blew up- riding changed forever....

    Now with vincent, people who are still riding see what can be done and will get pushed...unless they get very depressed- but seeing these things happen in real life, if anyone rode with this guy for a year they would go from poo to amazing. Normally you don't even see the things he does, you have a mental block to not try something like that- when you see it done, you have a chance to try it.

    I can guarantee you the greatest trials movie you have ever seen.
  9. steven

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    yeaaaah ! happy that you like him ! our french rider ;) !
    perhaps you have yet NopOgo vids with Vincent H...
    if non :

    http://trialvtt.free.fr/d2.avi (a little with me too :) )

    a vid with me :)

    two last was filmed during NopOgo Days... a ride trip like koxx days... and vincent hermance came with us ... because he's friend with most of the NopOgo riders...
    before the end of this year, there will be others NopOgo Days.. in south of france... and i think Vincent will be with us again... we will film all !! and perhaps will be with us the coust brothers too...
    but coust are not ok for going very far... (you have seen that because they don't come at your country...) even in france they don't go to a comp if this one is further than 500kms...
    coust are very very (and too much !) interested by money... (ok french comp with the federation has a problem... but ...)

    so perhaps see you at the next NopOgo Days ? ;)


    [email protected]

    (sorry for my bad (or old) language....)
  10. Rob.K

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    Don't worry Steven most of us have seen those vids in fact the Koxx days one and the Vincent Hermance vid are my favorites of all time.

    I live in Poland so you may see me there if I can find some more money.

    Nopogo days would be the greatest experience ever. You french guys can ride bikes that is all I can say..
  11. AndyT

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    I have 30 minutes straight of vincent completely drunk off his rocker...swimming on the ground, humping poles, hiding in closets, peeing off of balconies. This is the only footage I won't release ;)

    And steven- all of us know and love those vids, we appreciate you putting them out!
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    Useless post: Andrew your avatar rocks. Yeah SNL!!
  13. digby

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    hah, I downloaded the best of ferrel, that clip is hilarious and people with his build should be banned from wearing belly shirts and excessive body movement.

    "Ive got a headace and the only cure is more cow bell"

    also, post some drunk clips of vincent.
  14. morley

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    someone should tell vince to come to squamish ;)

    Out of curiosity... what was the reason [or financial incentive] for him to come to CO.
  15. Elan

    Elan steve french

    vincent has had a huge impact...yes. i agree.

    i was discussing this earlier. when one watches vincent (or basically anybody who is a lot better than yourself) your preconceived notions of what is even possible are completely gone. i began to look at everything in my town in a different way. it is amazing what an amazing rider can do.

    morelye- Colorado has two huge events one week from the other. Co sprgs with a $1200 purse distributed to podium 3, and teh teva mtn games, with i believe, $1000 to first place. also, we have try-all america who is in contact with koxx at all times. Also, the first UCI (righrt?) comp in the US...for vincent to poop on.
  16. Anon.

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    Random bump maybe, but I was looking at another post and in the "related topics" bit this came up. Thought it was a current one, but it's the one from last year. So yeah - history repeating?
  17. Elan

    Elan steve french

    yeah, and vincent is as awesome as ever, if not awesomer... he wouldnt drink much this year, but oh wells.
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    A worthy bump and a good read.
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    Not to be an ass and shit on this, but I disagree with some stuff to a point.

    People are impressed with what you let them know. I know this from demos. You will get more or less the exact same reaction from a crowd when I up a 3 foot box or Vincent does 5. If all they see is me doing 3 they are stoked. If Vince follows with 5 they are now stoked on him and not me. To get new riders into the sport Vincent isn't necessary.

    Vince does an amazing job to inspire current riders I will give him that no problem. As for new riders I don't agree. I like to think that back in the day mtt had an influence in developing Victoria's trials scene. Within a year of doing demos and videos and just being out there riding in the biking scene, not just with trials riders, the trials population went from 10 to 50 or more. Vincent has been to Co. twice now. Has the number of riders gone up substantially? No. Has he stoked up all of North America's current trials riders? Yes.
    Anyways ya. My point is that I believe any of you out there can do more for the trials scene than even Vince if you go for it. Demos and promote and all that if you are into it. Organize comps. God knows thats a problem most everywhere but BC I'd guess. You don't need the greatest rider in the world to raise awareness.
  20. hello?

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    vincent should come to squamish THIS year...compete with john webster. would be cool to see vincent ride. of course it wont happend.