Wet electrical boxes suck poop...

Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by oicdn, Nov 12, 2004.

  1. oicdn

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    Remember when I posted that thing of trying to go from green electrical box to green electrical box, and I ended up missing it and landing on my back?

    Well, I sacked it up to try it again, and well, I hit it. Skinny box to fat box, about 6 feet apart, 6 feet off the ground. Yeah, like I said nailed it, but when I went to go hop off the fat one to get down, rear wheel slipped on a wet spot that I didn't see(it was fuckin dry when I checked it!). I landed on both wheels at the same time, my right foot slipped and got SLAMMED by the pedal...instantly I knew it was gonna look like hamburger...:Owned: The crowd thought I landed though...well what 10 people were watching me get on the first box, hop to the 2nd, and attempt at jumping off.....they thought I landed it fine...LOL.

    Well, not quite landing. It surprisingly didn't hurt all that bad. But, it looks like I have a ping pong ball stuck under the skin over my shin, and a slice or two of roast beef about an inch and a half long on the highest part of the lump. It doesn't really hurt, but it looks pretty disgusting. Enough to make my GF throw up when she saw it...I'll try to post up pics tomorrow, but I think the swelling, will mostly be gone and hopefully it'll be scabbed to start healing....damn GF stole my digi camera :greddy: It won't stop the watery bleeding. Ya know, not blood, but the light red watery looking stuff....meh...
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    haha, this reminds me - Mitch Ho (sydney) backed into an electrical box outside Ash and Sean's (canberra) house...TWICE !

    we couldn't ride on it after that, pretty unstable.

    - Joel

  3. AndyT

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    last time me and cole raged it I ended up falling about 8 times off this electrical box- into thorn bushes, onto my face in gravel...etc.
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  5. MegamoMidwest

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    god forsaken electrical boxes, always causing problems. at least they do for me, I wont put my story up because I dont have any pictures for it... :(
  6. digby

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    on a side note, wet fire hydrants also suck.

    I suck for being stupid and thinking I could ride on a wet fire hydrant.
  7. Elan

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    many people are stupid for thinking they can ride on a fire hydrant, let alone a wet one. nice going. haha

    in my town, we dont have electrical boxes, because when the infrastructure was laid, digging machines werent invented, and black people were too expensive to feed and house in the winter