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Western Australia Comp

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Hey, just for those that may some how have ended up in Perth West Australia but haven't turned up to http://watrialz.hopto.org I just want to advise that as well as our state rounds this year(completed) we are staging a freetrials comp in december, basically along the same lines as the RB bike battle. We have the regulars but if there are any people who haven't caught up with the group in Perth please visit http://watrialz.hopto.org and post your interest, numbers, numbers, numbers.


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Been riding with AK?

Im from Canberra. Got to go to bed, just thought id reply.
don't have to go to bed - have to go to conformity, predictability and stability - yields reliability and malleability... EPSILON SHITHEAD !

- Joel
.. and Chris Kringle or the Polish riders??

Go AK, king of smooth
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