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Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by DaneBrammage, Aug 6, 2004.

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    Since this forum is all about sharing and caring (!!??), heres a little thing that is helping me be more comfortable on the back wheel. I'm finding that making a mental effort to be light on my feet is really working wonders.. you see I run a low pressure on the rear and as I am only starting to try gapping, I noticed sometimes I was bottoming out the rim while doing my pre-gap hopping. So I forgot about gapping and just concentrated on being light on my feet while on the back wheel-- imagining I weighed 100 pounds instead of 185, etc. etc. Wow it really paid off instantly. All of a sudden I'm aware of the feeling of my feet gripping the pedals and a lot of other things and it just suddenly got easier to 'be up', and I stopped bottoming out the rim.

    I'm not any better at gapping than I was though, so that sucks, but for now I'm just enjoying backwheeling the 25' of my porch back and forth. Just like that it got easier. All this time I had been mentally emphasizing how big and burly I was compared to the bike, and now I'm acting like a 100 pound weakling and loving it. Go figure.
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    "Float like a butterfly..."

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    good call. I am gonna try that. . .
    I find that slowing down the pace of my correction hops and just trying to relax overall helps me alot when doin naturals.
    Prolly looks better too