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weekend ride in boulder? horsetooth?

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there have been plans made to ride this weekend if anybody wishes to join... i donno specifics yet, will post tomorrow.
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I might be up for a ride this weekend, depending on where the ride will be and the weather
weather is definately a determining factor for me..
guaranteed ride at horsetooth.

guaranteed no one will show up.
i'll be at horsetooth if i can get my bike running.
by "no-one" i mean anyone besides me you, ftc locals and elan.

I will ride natural one day. I will ride denver or boulder the other day, as I'll be in denver to see the lady.
Are you thinking Saturday for Horsetooth? What time?
aight..my cousi nand i are coming up sunday dudes..let me know where to go andrew.
rides will start at 12-1 pm....I can say horsetooth saturday at 1 pm with 80% confidence.
how is the weather, is there still snow on the tooth??
its like 50 today just got in from a ride, t-shirt...h-tooth will be fine by saturday.
ok, its horsetooth saturday, which usually starts around 11... and then boulder sunday at 12, any qvestions?...
I'm going to try and make it to HT. Can you give me some directions from I-25N?
oh yea, i cant make it up there until later, like around 2.. hopefully you will still be trialsing...
Well elan, you know where we will be (the place we went last time)

Directions and shit:

fone number, 970-310-6741

From I-25:

Take the prospect exit, go west (duh)

Take a right onto sheilds (its past college), so you will be going north now

On the third light (i think) take a left (this will be PLUM)

You will pass one street on the right, then the next one is BLUEBELL- take that...

It will go to a T, with a frat house right infront of you, take a left

immediately take a left into the first set of apartment complexes. My apartment is D422, call me if you need any help- its really not that hard. Anyone is welcome to come ride...
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I'll be coming up for sure. I'll call you around 12...
ty u know where i live :)

Just a little warning, there MAY be a tad bit of snowy snow in the shadows. I've ridden up there in 3" of snow all around, but I know not everyone likes that kind of stuff. I'll see if i can get up there tonight to see, in the town the stuf fin the shadows is snow and everything else is fine so I'm assuming its ok.
it should be like close to 60* shouldnt it?
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