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Weekend group ride? (October 11 and 12)

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anyone up for something? don;t care where. I'll be riding a Koxx.
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Dave and I are moving and I have a test on monday, so I don't think I'm going to have any free time :(
hell_boy said:
I'll be riding a Koxx.
Really? what koxx is this? maggies?!?!?!

i will probably want to get out on sunday. i havent been able to ride as much as i want with school lately so i need to get out for a solid day of trialsin.
He bought Andrew's koxx, with maggies :O I guess there is a slight possibility I can ride, but I'm not counting on it yet, still a berry busy boy.

Oh, and Kevin... There is a possibility that I'll be studying on campus Sunday, so gimme a call and I will come take those pictures you need.

i found hte ellusive coordination spot.. i am there.. for any days.. maybe.. i am busy some times, and sometimes am not.. i have a bicycle too.
So sunday in boulder? lazy urban ride? let me know.
that was me
I'm up for it if I get my hub back in time, what day are y'all planning on going? :yum:
I'll try and rally the troops.My nagging elbow pain migrated and has focused it's destructive power in my wrist.I may come ,I may stay home and soak it in tears,beer and vagina juice.

Josh the lesser.

I think Mike Clark and I may head up to Glenwood Springs this weekend to put on a trials training camp for all the gromits and beginners. If we could coordinate it, we'd love to stop and ride in boulder on the way up or down.

No school on monday...
scratch the Glenwood springs, thats gonna be next weekend, we can ride whenever.
i will be busy from 9-1100 on sunday... so dont schedule for then if ya wanna see my awesomeness. or not.
If my hub comes in on Friday I can ride sat. night and sunday anytime
So here's what I'm thinking.

-Saturday night ride: Boulder campus? Only place i know of thats good to ride at night besides Ft. Collins. So how does 8:00 pm at Halfast Subs sound?

-Sunday Ride: The park in Boulder... forgot what it's called... the one on the river. Meet at Halfast between 12:30 and 1:00

let me know. i want everyone riding so if anyone needs time adjustments just say so. 8:00 pm might be too late for some of the CO springs people.
8 is alittle late, can we try 6?

as for sunday, i can probably make it there by 1:00 if i come. cool deal.
I had someone ask me for directions to Eben G, so it occurred to me that not everyone knows where this place is, so I made a map.

Here are directions as if you're coming from Denver:

1.) Take Interstate 25 north until you reach Highway 36 which will take you right into Boulder.

2.) Jump on Highway 36 and take it all the way into Boulder.

3.) Once you get into Boulder you will pass one stop light at "Colorado", you will be taking a left at the next stop light, "Arapahoe".

4.) Follow Arapahoe past Boulder High school and past broadway into a residential area. There will be some turnabouts until you reach what is basically the end of the street. There is a small turnabout here with some driveways, but as you're coming into the turnabout you will want to go right down a black top driveway that is about 150ft long that leads you into a parking lot. This is the parking lot in the picture, and is the parking lot for Eben G. Fine Park.

5.) Park here and get your bike out. The bike trail is in plain sight (marked in red on the map and about 10 feet off the parking lot). So jump on the bike trail and follow it along the creek (marked in blue on the map), while keeping an eye out for riders riding on the rocks along the creek. You can continue up towards the mountains on the bike trail if you don't see them. The bike path makes a circle around this park and at the far west end there is one path leading up the canyon. Rather than take the bike path up the canyon, drop down to the right a little bit where there are more rocks and a well worn trail that, if you follow it, will take you up to a kayak put-in. This is basically the end of the line and there are a lot of rocks here, so this is a likely spot for where everyone will be riding.

If you have any questions, ask and I or someone else will be sure to help you.


North is up on this map btw

South is down on this map
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Pancho and CO springs guys: we are riding tomorrow on Boulder Campus. Elan and i were thinking 6pm or maybe earlier. I plan on riding a LONG time on my new LONG bike so it will be worth the trip. Gimme a call tomorrow around noon to let me know if you guys are coming and when you want to ride. I am thinking night right because it;s fun in Boulder and everyone seems to ride better then.

skibumintrialsfreak: that you graham? you riding you pussy? :D let me know

phone# 303 641 2962

must ride bikes all day tomorrow!!!
bah... damn thing won't keep me logged in. that was me.

Oh THeo you better ride too!

oh, if anyone has a crank puller and a bottom bracket tool, i need one tomorrow. Teh KoXx has loosness in the BB :ugh:
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