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Wednesday night group ride

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There is one at CATS?? (spring boards, small stuff)

One down in the springs??? Lots of people?? Night ride??

I could convince serg to make one of these trips...
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Why don't we edit this post to include all group rides around Colorado, and keep it as a sticky? Include times, places, phone numbers and such?
I think a post with ppls fone numbers and shit is a great idea, but not on this post...this is just about tomorrow night- pancho what goes on down there?
Wednsdays kind of suck in some ways. We have lots of fun, but we don't get started until 6:30, which limits us to mostly urban spots. Sometimes it'll just be myself, Josh, and Mike, other times there will be 10 of us. Hard to predict.

Sundays are usually better, we almost always ride natural.
Sundays no option....so serg shouldn't come down? Good stuff to ride?
If you come down I'll ride at CATS with ya tomorrow night, even though I'm gonna be balls tired.
ill try to make it if i have a rear wheel, which i should soon

edit: damn nation i have a 7:00 final on thurs that i HAVE to study for
if you ride denver/boulder i will come perhaps...
I should be at CATS tommarow night, 1 more paper and I am free!
Honestly I have no interest in riding at CATS...I will be in boulder, if you want to find me

970-310-6741 . Its 4 am, I could just stay up all night again...buuuut i have to finish a beer tour at old chicago at 11 am :)
It's looking shady for me. Hopefully i finish my last final at like 3 and get to nap from 5-8? I have no idea... A friend of mine is in from my home town staying at his Grandpa's cabin, so I've gotta call him after I finish my finals. I may just be sleeping tonight and heading up there tomorrow... :dunno:
holy carp I'm tired. I'm gonna nap and get up at 8 to go ride, but if I'm too tired I won't be there. Who all is planning on riding CATS tonight?
I've got other plans tonight, so I can't make it, but I MAY be riding downtown D with Taylor tomorrow night. Downtown definitely isn't the best urban, but it's close to my apt. Anyone else who is interested, please show up. will know for sure tomorrow.
Theo, myself, Kevin, and probably Owen and his dad Jim. Owen is a 13 year old prodigy Uni-cyclist, along with Rob.
Finals are over :bigthumb:
Unicyclist!!! :ugh:

Definetely never going to that place
Well, Andrew is coming to boulder tonight, but he won't ride there. We're meeting at 7:30 at half-fast subs and I'd like to check out CATS some time tonight, so maybe I can talk him into it? :dunno:
how were the spring boards and 2x4's ? :greddy: :joshers:
it was fun... the people there had good possitive attitudes and were all having fun with riding. is it that bad to have fun on a bike?
You know I don't ride to get to know people or have buddy buddy time.

My frame of reference of fun is on a different planet than yours...and yes it is wrong when the weather is perfect outside and there are better things to ride.
rode rocks for hours prior to going to cats.

i guess i am not from the "ride alone and knock everything in sight" planet :D
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