Water Bleed - Echo TR's?

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    My Echo TR's are in need of a bleed, and currently have mineral-oil in them. When I get around to bleeding them, I was thinking I would flush out the mineral-oil, and top it up with water, instead.

    Anyway's, my question is - Are there any down-side's to using water, as opposed to mineral-oil, brake-fluid, or any other liquid?

    The weather around here probably won't be exceeding 70° until I need another bleed, in-case that matter's.
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    Do not bleed them with water! You can use it in Maguras, but echo brakes MUST have mineral oil, unless of course you'd like to destroy them. Neither of them will work with brake-fluid(assuming you mean DOT fluid). As for water in the echo's, it'll leak from every fitting and piston, and swell up all your pistons, making the brake seize. I hope that helps. :)

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    So what's the deal with water bleeds anyway? I've seen people talk about it for a long time, but I've never actually done it (why would I?).

    Typically braking systems are very specific to which fluid you use. Even Shimano and Magura say you can't mix. I once tried re-building an Avid caliper and bleeding it into a Shimano lever... It worked for a few minutes until the Avid seals swelled up and seized. Theoretically you could buy different seals (square seals may be hard to find), but brakes aren't usually a good thing to mess with...


    I didn't do my research... https://www.observedtrials.net/vb/f3/04-magura-hs33-winter-52773/

    50/50 mix. Don't use water in Echo or Racing Line. Only Magura. Only use specified fluid in all other brakes. These systems are very sensitive (except, apparently, Magura).
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  5. VW pink antifreeze works great. Use 50/50 distilled water and the vw G12 coolant. Fill, bleed, forget.
  6. Well, let me clarify. Works great on Maggie's.
  7. Echo levers or slaves or both? Can't comment on the slaves but have heard they're awful with anything. The TR levers are amazing with water. Just wrap some plumber's tape around the bleed screw. Less issues with water than any maggie I've ever had. Easily my favorite lever.

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    Yeah agreed, the TR's work great with a water bleed.I've been running Maggie's since 96' and have tried all types of fluid, some have worked and some haven't.I've moved towards Echo-TR's and now Racing Line..less issues