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wat is the cheapest 20" trials bike around

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wat is the cheapest 20" trials bike around , it does not have to be that good cos im only new to trials[/b]
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tank mod, its on bt.com, in the for sale section, $199 complete.

edit: the tank is the cheapest mod bike available but the x-alp is a much better bike, id go with it too
"Hey donnay- Check out the super nice Tank (BUY IT) mod bike, it really is the best in trialsin technology (BUY IT) you can get for the price. Great parts and great geometry (BUY IT) at a great price,

-Love, Stefahn"

Quote from biketrials.com .
Get the Xalp, you'll like the standard components. So what if it's steel?
I agree with the X-alp comment, it's on sale at WebCyclery.com right now for $310 (usually $400) because they're moving to another location.

x-alps are full of wooty wootness.

never used a tank, but they dont look too nice.
Tank=20" rear wheel=never being able to use a real trials tire=GAY
heres an idea, dont buy a tank, and look for a mod online, i have seen really nice mods go for $450-500 used.
koxx djinn!! i think that is the best bike for beginners like me! 686 euros
I just got a TANK Mod. Trials bike over Xmas..
As a total beginner to the sport, the TANK bike is just great value for the cost, parts may need to be replaced soon, but the frame is excellent.
I doubt there is a better deal for a beginner mod. trials bike.
actually, since the frames rear bosses are set for a 20" wheel, the frame is about worthless once you get past the basic beginner stage.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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