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tought i might try this out since a lot of people in here came from XC and such: i am building up an extreme XC/ Freeride bike, it is a kona stinky primo, 6" travel... i need some stuff for it.. like:
wheel: need to be disc hubs, somthing similar mavic f-219 preferred..
drive train: isis BB/crankset??? shifters/derailures- nothing over XT grade
fork: need a good 120-135mm fork, standard or 20mmT/A..
brakes: i need some discs, preferrably not maguras..anything else would be sweet, especially some big Avid mechs.. like 185-200mm.

let me know what you have. i am looking for used parts, i dont want to spend too much on this bike :? .. thanks -elan
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