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Wanted: Your first mod/stock trials bike

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You still have that first starter mod/stock trials bike laying around after you upgraded.... well i'm interested.... doesn't need to be fancy or pretty, just has to work good :drool: Money is burning a hole in my paypal account lol so let me know what you got.... send an email please [email protected]

Thomas [email protected]
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I have a Brisa mod frame kit, ridden for about 6 months. It has everything to get you going except a wheelset and brakes (can accept V-brakes) Bille black, no stickers, few scratches. $400 plus shipping.

ive got a monty works well and great build
I've got a mod Monty 219 alp with hs-11 magura rim brakes for sale in this forum in good condition.
I have MOD ECHO CNC RIM AND HUB pro laced for sale.
CNC Echo rim

How much do you want for the wheel and what shape is it in? Do you have any pics?

complete stock Monty X-hydra still for sale.
I have a new 2003 monty hydra I am looking to put on ebay if your interested let know before i do and we can work something out
ive got a monty 219 x-alp with new special edition gold magura 33's, plazmatic pads, new grips, FSA headset, removable saddle; without having a tube go up ur ass, and more
ive got pics.. asking $250 (which is awsome for you, since the 33's cost about that new, anyways)
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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