Ventura Trials 1 - first vid

Discussion in 'Your Bike Trials Media' started by Zyzzyx, May 6, 2004.

  1. Zyzzyx

    Zyzzyx Guest

    Well, finally got fed up with not having a digital video camera, so I started playing with the video on my digital still camera, Canon A70. The clips came out better than I expected, so a couple days of doing shots (durn thing only holds 4 minutes at a time), and a few nights of learning Adobe Premiere, and I ended up with this:

    Ventura Trials 1
    (thanks to Bill for the hosting here at OTN)

    The rocks are down at the local Promenade and beach, right at Surfer's Point, across town from home. The urban bits are at the high school just across the street from us.

    Oh, and I'm on the Megamo stock.

    Being my first shot at this, I'll gladly take any criticism on the video. (and some praise? maybe just a little bit of praise? :p) The lil' camera only manages 15fps, and has some odd coloration on the right side, but it'll manage. For now.
  2. OTAdmin

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    Well, its not like the riding is anything exceptional, (and thats not an insult!) but I liked the vid. It just kind of seemed relaxing. The quality wasn't annoying or anything, you guys can actually hold the camera steady, and that made it a lot better :). Overall it was pretty good I'd say.


  3. Zyzzyx

    Zyzzyx Guest

    Hehe, thanks Bill. Yeah, I wouldn't even say our riding is exceptional. Hopefully a small series of videos will at least be something fun for us, as we have something to watch our riding progress.

    Now, to start funds for a real video camera.
  4. planetary1

    planetary1 New Member

    good effort guys, not bad quality for that camera...I watched it at full screen and it didn't bother me

    Nice persistence on learning those moves and the guy on the Brisa actually had a sweet pedal gap to front wheel to the rock...

    keep 'em coming :bigthumb:
  5. Andreas

    Andreas All About Trials

    i liked it! riding was decent as was filming. the music made it even better as well, had a nice relaxed feeling.
  6. maciekzw

    maciekzw Guest

    Nice work. I don't care what anyone else says, you're still better than me! :D