Ventura Beach rocks - Group ride - Saturday (4/17), 12pm

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    The ride will be on the rocks along the state beach just north of Ventura. There is almost 1 mile of rocks to choose from, so there should be plenty to choose from. Park the car and get right on the rocks. Check out a couple pictures here:

    Directions to get there:

    Northbound - Take the 101 all the way through Ventura. About 1 mile after you have left town take the exit for 'State Beaches'. Go under the freeway and over the train tracks. As you come off the rise you'll see the long stretch of rocks above the beach. There is likely to be a fair number of RVs and other cars in general parked there, we should be riding about 1/2 mile down. Or you can just look for the bikes on the rocks.

    Southbound - Take the very first exit for Ventura, the first Main Street exit (before you cross the Ventura River). Get off and go under the freeway. Turn left at the stop sign and get on the onramp for northbound 101. Get off at the 'State Beaches' exit mentioned above.