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Used bike build

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I just built this bike up over the winter and I don’t have a lot of info on the frame. Just that it’s an Echo Urban 26” and by my measurements it has 1015mm wheel base (fork is 40mm-ish offset) and zero bb rise. And the serial number starts with 2001 (is that year of manufacture?)
I guess my biggest question, if anyone knows, is should I be expecting the IS mounts on the frame to fail, like, instantly, or there a chance it will be okay? They seem puny and from what I can find later models had a lot more material for reinforcement…
Thanks for any info you can give me.
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theres a reason why u dont see nomo of them... brisas too, snapped same spot... :(
Yeah, I knew Roger who owned Brisa, what a character..As for the Brisa’s, they began snapping, cracking from inception..Brisa started popping up around 2001’, had a great team at one time..Christian Santos, Nelson Reece and Mickey Benthem out of BC..

I wouldn’t buy a used one, it’ll end badly as the picture suggests..

Huh. The first I remember of the Urban was after the ES4 when Echo kinda split the ES line into two - the Pure and the Urban. The Urban followed closer to their previous geometry and overall design but got burlier with a lot more gussets, and the pure was a slightly muted version of the Koxx Levelboss with a longer front triangle. I didn't know they were using the urban name before the post-ES4 urban. Would be interested to hear from anyone who was dealing with Echo around that time.

I'd sort out a new rim ASAP... the lifetime of frames back then when people were using disk brakes was measured in months not years. They weren't designed for it, the only reason that most of them actually had disk mounts was because they were using generic mtb dropouts from a catalog.
Good memory, when I road for TrialsinUSA back in the day for Timothy Williamson(01-07’) He got me sponsored with echo through his shop in 01’ and I was sent the first Echo ES1..It was quite hideous in color, having this nasty yellow paint job..I later sold it to Sam Perkins in 03’, he’s on OTN as well..Wonder if Sam still has it..?

I’m not a huge stock trials rider and chose the echo mods..still love the echo mods today..

1 - 2 of 14 Posts