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Used bike build

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I just built this bike up over the winter and I don’t have a lot of info on the frame. Just that it’s an Echo Urban 26” and by my measurements it has 1015mm wheel base (fork is 40mm-ish offset) and zero bb rise. And the serial number starts with 2001 (is that year of manufacture?)
I guess my biggest question, if anyone knows, is should I be expecting the IS mounts on the frame to fail, like, instantly, or there a chance it will be okay? They seem puny and from what I can find later models had a lot more material for reinforcement…
Thanks for any info you can give me.
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Thanks for that, yeah I looked at pictures of the ES3 and it is the same. That said, the head tube has “Echo urban” stamped right into to it so I guess they were sold as both or the name transitioned at some point?
And about the IS on frame, unfortunately I have to run the disc brakes for now as that rim brake rim is dented and cracked such that the brakes rub the tire in one spot… I’ll have to be gentle with it until I can sort out another rim. Fingers crossed
Luckily I have a backup frame, but I don’t like the geometry as much. It has longer chainstays and front center and a slacker head angle.
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That's interesting. I'm noticing that rear triangle-dropout plenums got intricate for a time and have later gotten far more simple. I imagine chasing stress risers on these convoluted shapes sent them down the rabbit-hole to make them reliable enough for discs when a plain old triangle shape with thick tubes seems to do the trick.
I will look into changing it quick then. Trials frames and parts around here are rare as hen's teeth and I'd hate to send a viable one to it's grave. Thanks for the advice
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