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  1. rider ns

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    i recently changed gear ratios from 32 16 to 22 15, i find i can't get enough power during ups, i kno the norm is almost a 1:1 gear ratio. i don't pedal in circles be for my ups i do a little kick and i think thats the problem, is there any advice on learning the pedal ups? thank you
  2. tomacropod

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    how many chains and freehubs do you go through like that? Most riders would find that a consistent application of power through the pedal stroke is smoother, therefore healthier for rider and bike, as well as being more powerful and controllable ultimately. Learn to turn the cranks (slowly) in your runup and then increase the speed for one revolution, use the last revolution to bring your front wheel up. Most people wouldn't use a gear as "hard" as a 22/15 but I guess you have to change these things slowly.

    - Joel

  3. atypical

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    My advice would be to do the full pedal rotation and change to at least a 22/18 or 19. I just went from 22/18 to 20/18 and I can tell it's gonna work out great, it's been ~3wks since I've ridden and 1st ride I could up better than before. If you want to stay in the 22/15 you have to kill your body and parts for a while to figure out you should change, so by all means knock yourself out :) . I don't mean to sound like an ass, but trials style ups require trials gear ratios.
  4. bwagner

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    I used to also try to rely on the small power stroke thing, the little kick style pedal thing. After I learned to use a full pedal, or a half pedal for my ups, I've gotten much more consistant, and also can go much bigger than before. My biggest problem at first was judging the distance i needed to be from the up to get my pedal stroke correct for the take off. It takes a week or so of trying this to get it pretty good, but the practice will pay off. It's well worth it in the long run. Keep at it, and also those remarking aboutthe change in gearing are telling you the truth dude, the easier ratio's of 22/18, and 22/19 are much easier on your bike, and your body. It will definitely be better in the long run.
  5. Spacemunkee

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    go for 22:19 the real mans gear :) good for street and natural
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    22:19 will help your riding so much, it helps you to get the technique right on moves, rather then just using a hard gear to give you the power to get up things.
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    Ok I am on the band wagon too! Switch to the trials gear and just liearn to like! Trust me you will like it eventually. I was like you once and I didnt like the trials gear, but once you start getting on the rocks you will be glad you had it.