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ups on a downslope

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When riding back in MD we found this spot where there was a large stone (over hbar height) with a slope to it. However, the run up to it had a down slope to it. I noticed that I had a lot of difficulty just pulling up the fornt end when doing a pedal up. So I would usually pull up too late and just smack into it w/o getting any height. I wonder if this problem becomes even worse on a longer bike like a Koxx.
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That is prime time for a wedge...especially if its really slanted- fun stuff.

However there should be no difficulty in pulling the front end up, no matter what the degree of slope is.
This weekend ,a wise sensei taught me another techniqe...Using a 3 pedal-up
Start good foot forward..rotate to bad,get ft tire off the gnd on the bad stroke ,pedal up with good foot.Practice on something easy to get the knack.
Who was that wise sensai? 3 pedal ups are sooooo 2001...its all about the 4 and 5 pedal ups...

like andrew said, if the slope is enough and the up is reasonable, that is the time to set yourself up for a wedge. it is a hard move to master (if not the hardest) but it will likely put you on top of the up in a lot better control than a wild pedal up.
Wedge will be SUPER easy with your rear tire on a downslope, it gets harder the flatter the slope is- and if its and upslope you better be jesus to get that shiz.

However...try to play without using your front brake, or your rear brake in a wedge. Try balancing purely by the pushing of your foot on the pedal. You can get some wierd spring effects by doing this, from the front wheel flexing....play around :hs:
I saw that quick citique coming,5 pedals work great on downslopes.Wedges are so 5 min ago.....sighhhh...telekinetic levitation
is the future....where have you been.
For someone who'd never heard of a 3 pedal you sure do talk lots.
i cant pedal up more than a tire highth, and thats a good day..haha.i dont think havinhg a longer bike makes it harder, if anything ,it made it easier for me..but then again, im special.
I can do a 3pedal slap to get 3ft or so. Somehow in that particular section it seemed like a real bitch to get the bike to pull up. Maybe I wasn't giving it enough effort or pulling on the bars hard enough or was too close to the bars...

So in a 5pedal you do regular rotations till you lift up the bike with your bad foot and then finish up with a good foot?
yup, the only reason for more pedals thrown in is to give you more momentum going into a slap... which you certainly should take advantage of if given the run up to do so in some of those big ones over bar height or with tricky lumpy run ups.
I think this is one of those rare occations where the obstacle size is actually being understated. If I'm thinking of the same up, Roman, it's about armpit height and slanted at around 80 degrees. In this case there ground wouldn't allow any instantaneous power to the wheel (loamy dirt and leaves. We had enough room for a two pedal up but the approach was weird. As we started pedalling, it was slightly downhill, then just before you would normally pull up the front wheel, the ground dipped.

I figure we had two ways to approach it. Either take off early (which I think lead to Roman losing momentum when he hit it) or to try something similar to a speed jump (from BMX, you essentially bunnyhop a jump instead of launching it, that way you end up with your wheels in almost constant contact with the ground and have more speed leaving the jump) I tried the "speed jump" and managed not to smack into the rock, but I only got my front wheel to the top and without enough momentum to hook it and pull myself up. That's my challenge of the weekend.

Roman, we should have taken a picture of that.
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i can go up things easier on a down slope. especially with a surge. think about it, your rear wheel is higher up than it would be if you were on flat ground. so the obstacle should seem smaller... or something like that.
i would definately like to see a picture of this move... sounds fun! :bigthumb:

anyways, you can wedge to a front wheel hook in good control in most cases. this sounds steep but if it isnt verticle then you can hook it and rest there. you dont necessarily have to hook fast- sometimes you have to and sometimes it helps but then there are times when you can catch your self a break. at this point, without seeing it i would suggest maybe getting on rear wheel and kicking into a nose hook... perhaps?
Sean, if you are going to visit that place this weekend you def need to take a picture. The rock from ground to top is pretty high (like 4ft or so and has 80% slope or so). But as Sean said that ground dips hard towards the end. Because of that it was very hard for me to pull up the bike because the slope was not constant. A wedge might have been possible if one were surge at an angle and try to take advantage of the stone's slope. But I think a nicely timed pedal up could accomplish this much easier.
Next time I go, I'll take a pic with my bike in the shot for perspective or something. Looks like this won't be the weekend...we're getting a "wintery mix" according to our local weather people. In the 20's and some sleet/snow/rain. Yay.
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