UPDATE - NATS#2 Keysville Classic, Lake Isabella, California

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    from Jon Maeda

    CHANGES IN NATS #2...Keyesville Classic

    Upon returning from Motorama, I received an e-mail detailing difficulties that the Southern Sierra Fat Tire Association was having, in terms of their NORBA sanctioning, specifically related to the scheduled date of the Keyesville Classic, May 1-2, 2004. We of the SoCal trials community rely heavily on their expertise in working, not only with NORBA and their insurance carrier, but especially in securing the necessary wilderness use permits...in short we are at their mercy.

    Due to situations beyond our control, we are forced to move the Keyesville Classic BACK one week, to the weekend of May 8-9th.

    After long deliberation and thought, including cancelling the event altogether, Howard Phelps and I decided on the following:

    There will be a small, informal FUN trial on Saturday, May 8th, coordinated by Shaun Miller. This event will be tamed down in difficulty, and will make for a great warm-up for Sunday's NATS National. Everyone is welcome to ride in it. It will start with a riders meeting at noon, and will commence by 4:00 PM.

    Sunday, May 9th will be the NATS National #2. Sections will be laid by Shaun Miller, Zak Maeda and Sam Phelps. Between Shaun and Zak, I am confident that they will do a great job building the sections, as they have as many years of combined National experience as any rider in the U.S. currently competing. This day will begin with registration at 8:30 AM, riders meeting at 9:00 AM, with an immediate start to the event.

    Keyesville has an unusual mix of rough granite, water areas, soft loamy soil, and slick sand. It is a premier destination for both moto and biketrials riders. We hope that this setback can be overcome, and that we will again enjoy the support of the U.S. Biketrials community.

    To entice our Canadian biketrials brethern, we will offer a $25 entry fee, that will be accepted in Canadian funds. All U.S. riders, $25 U.S. only, please.

    I know that there are a couple riders who have already purchased tickets to fly out. I hope that you accept our apologies, and are able to re-schedule. If you come out, I will have special prizes and incentives for you. I can be reached at [email protected] or Howard Phelps at [email protected] My phone is 626) 825-8136
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    Ok, I know you just want some recognition for Arizona, but... Keyesville is in California. Which is the West, not the SouthWest.

    Darn categories...

    Still, thanks for relaying the info from Jon. And you gonna make the next Fontana? Wait, don't answer that in this thread.

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    Close enough for me. West Coast/Southwest is all the same thing from over here....... Either way, I have to drive for hours...........