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UCI Worlds footage- White Raven FP Style

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Warning- if you dont mind some cream in your jeans, download and watch this video: http://www.observedtrials.net/videos/COtrials/worlds_comp.wmv

Thanks again to Bill here at .Net for hosting this video. It is basically the intro section to the worlds footage that i have. I have been working with so much footage lately as well as homework and sponsorship stuff so it has taken me a while to get stuff together. anyways, download. watch. repeat. spread word like peanut butter.

thanks everyone!
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I fixed his link, try again.
derfff.. i cant do anything right.
Great vid kevin, just wish it was in a decent quality!!! Who is the koxx rider capri pants guy who does that gap from the palletes up that huge wall?? That was way sick...
that was good ol' vincent hermance... he does not suck.
Thats what I thought, but the bitrate is like 2 so I couldn't see anything :hs:

What about the USA rider after mike?
Jeremy- in case you didnt see it on biketrials.com
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