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Tuesday night ride: School of Mines

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I'm meeting Jack tomorrow at 5:00 PM for a ride on the School of Mines campus. Directions from 70 westbound:

-Take the 58 exit off of I70 to Golden

-In Golden take the Washington St. Exit

-Go south on Washington to 18th street. (all the way through downtown and up the hill)

-Turn right (west) on 18th

-Go about a block and a half or so and there is a big parking lot on the right, turn in there and park

-Meet at the building on the north side of the parking lot. There are some steps, gaps and stuff there to warm up on.

Here's a link to the Mines campus map so you see what I'm talking about. The parking lot is just south of the building marked with a 4.

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is this place good? I would be down, i think....if there is good stuff to ride. Like boulder shit :)
never rode there before, i might be up for it?
I've never been there, but Jack rides there quite often and says it's got lots to ride.. You may as well come out..

If you do, bring the DVD's..
I'll let you guys make up your mind as to whether it is cool or not. As a beginner there is lots of stuff to keep me busy. I'm sure we can find some sick lines for everyone. We can also head down to the river, there's some natural stuff where the kayakers launch on Clear Creek.
AndrewT said:
natural....lighted? 5 pm :/
Oh yeah....good point. :rolleyes: I can't remember if it is lit down by Clear Creek or not. I think some of it is, but I have not been down there at night. Stupid winter time......I can't wait until daylight savings comes back.
what time? i can be there by 4-4:30, directions? meeting place? i donno.
Elan said:
what time? i can be there by 4-4:30, directions? meeting place? i donno.
4:45-5:00. Directions are in the first post. Basically, get to Golden and find downtown. Washington is the main North/South, and check out the link to the map. It's pretty easy.
I'll be out of town again I'm afraid :(.
i got class at 6pm :greddy:
You should show up... I'll be there at 4:45-5:00. straight shot down 70 for you.. Probably closer than most riding spots.
yea, i will be there..probably take me 20 minutes to get there
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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