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tubeless for trials

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sorry if this has been on before but has anyone got tubless tires on there trials bike?? if so what ones and are they any good?
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people have tried this and have found that running low pressure like in trials causes the tire to leak air. In other words they suck for trials. Michelin or Maxxis with normal tubes on a wide rim is the best for trials.
i made a jimmy rigged tubeless set up with michelin tires a while back. as soon as you hit something slanted it jets out air when the tire rolls even a little bit. you can use them for the frant if you run higher pressure but i would say just go with a good set of treads and normal or thin tubes like martin said.
thanks for your help guys but what tire and tube should i get, like the full name of the tire and tube and i will be getting it of wiggle.co.uk thanks

P.S. i have seen the other forum about this but all i want to know is the full name of the tire and tube because i am a newbie :)
Michelin Comp 24 Tyre 26 x 2.2 : http://wiggle.co.uk/v2_product_detail.asp?ProdID=4000000709

Specialized Tubes, Pack Of 10 Presta MTB 26x1.5-2.2: http://wiggle.co.uk/v2_product_detail.asp?ProdID=-370006774
that was great infomation matt oh and the rest of people who have helped me
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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