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Tryall rims attn Tryall America

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whats the ERD? i figure i'll need it at some point to calculate some lengths...

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539mm (stock, rear), 364mm (19"), 391mm (20").

Hope that helps...
While this is here. What is the weight of a stock rim? Real width? And cost? I may be having an issue real quick with finding my crazy rims and might need to find an alternative.

Anyone got a review on them???
yeah i'd like to know this as well, if and when my dx32 goes i might consider these as an alternative..
Yo Brett, they are around 690 grams and the width is 47mm. And Adam is right on on the ERD.
I hear (and see) they dent real easy. But definatly light and wide.
Oya. Are they pre drilled? Do you have them in stock or are they available yet? I checked your site and couldn't see em. How much are they?
brett if ur wheels the way they are i dont think the try all rims are for ya.
They are pre-drilled...The one thing I'm not so much a fan of is that they are very soft, grinds don't last half as long as they do on a dx.

But they do come in gold :dunno:
they are a softer metal than the dx-32's. im glad someone finally pointed this out. this is why they dent so much easier than dx's and why they have to be ground much more often. it is a good rim though and i do think its nice to have some coo' color options. but alas i have a stack of dx-32's here needing to be used up...

if you dent stuff a lot, look elsewhere. otherwise, buy away!
I would have to agree with all on this one. If you are rough on stuff, this isn't the rim for you. It is softer than a DX-32 but like they said, if you rock it, this is the rim for you.

Brett, I'm getting some in this week, that's if UPS doesn't ship them back to France like they did last week. Anyway, let me know if you're interested.

[email protected]
I've only ever dented one rim and that was that tioga one, and apparently they were sorta known for it. I fully deserved it too so I don't even blame it on the rim too much.

Justin my back rim is only tweaked because I'm a kook. I didn't think I would be riding the spokes that are on there too long so I never used loc tite or anything when building. I also never bothered checking spoke tension first couple weeks. A few rides later I was trying hurricanes and tweaked it pretty good cause there was no tension at all. I've since gave up the spinning stuff cause I have the pitbull for that now.

I'll make a couple phone calls hopefully tomorrow if I get the time and will get back to you if I'm in need Graham. The grinding thing won't apply because of the disks, so I got at least one less worry. Thanks for all the info.
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bigd said:
awesome thanks
No worries dude :)

I got 780g for rear 47mm on digital scales (20g less than eyeletted DXD32).
That being an undrilled DX.Word.
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