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Man, Tim at Trialsin USA is AWESOME. He's done things and gone WAAAAAAAYYYYY OUT OF HIS WAY and done things he really didn't have to do to get me up and goin on my bike I got from him. He's done nothing but bend over backwards....it's BY FAR the best Customer Service I've EVER encountered, it even rivals Fox at .243......

LOL, I sure as hell ain't buying from anywhere else, not to mention his prices are the best in the country (USA) so....yeah...just leaving some WELL DESERVED feedback......
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Its good to see a positive response from someone on line. Better than my Sears experience I had to deal with last night. I was postal!
yeah tim is the man, no question. i GAVE me a brand new stock bike front wheel, and all i needid is a hub. he gave me a loise fr too. bunch of brake pads. t-shirt gloves a brand new fsa orbit head set too. he is super friendly and can get almost anything you want. :)
Tim has always gone out of his way for me it seems. When he has been out of things and knew that his suppliers couldnt come through in a decent amount of time, he would do whatever he could to throw some type of kit together for me so that I may ride a competition approaching quickly or cure any other parts anxiety Ive had, very cool guy who will talk trials with you as well.

And since we're in the mood to be positive, I ordered my first set of parts from Ken at TheTrialsinShop and received them 3 days later!!! That was the fastest shipping experience Ive ever had, and from Canada all the way to TX. What the heck? Ive been happy with all online trials shops really, it's always pretty difficult to decide who to order from, usually comes down to price or just availability. Thanks to all those making these specialty parts available.
ah sounds good to me... maybe i will be conducting some business later..only time can tell
Yeah...He's definitly one for Customer Service. My cranks took longer than normal, and lets just say he DEFINITLY compensated for it. I wasn't even expecting that as it was out of his control, but man, if all shops were like his, the bike world would be a better place.

Ken at the Trailsin Shop also took care of me. Manifesto to my house in FIVE DAYS, and not to mention, he worked out a payment deal with me cause I didn't have funds in that account AT THE TIME...he told me he'd charge it the next day and ship out my item.....dude, that and the kinda stuff Tim does is what keeps this community so tight and neat....support....

They could just be assholes considering they're pretty much teh only trials shiops, but really, they help out in EVERY WAY POSSIBLE......KUDOS to Tim and Ken!

Tim is the man bar none. He may not get to your emails right away, but he has a family and a business to run. He has constantly gone above and beyond the call of duty to get things out to riders of all abilities. Plus he is old school and remembers how things were, awesome
MOST DEFINITLY, Tim is definitly customer oriented.....I've never seen service like his....awesome.....
OK, I figured I might as well put my two cents in.

Why don't I shop with Tim? In the past I have been mislead about when the products would ship EVERY TIME I ordered. And then when he said they shipped, they actually hadn't. I just won't do business with him anymore because of it, and I can't recommend him to anyone else either, especially considering that everyone I know in person has had the same experience.

Yeah but he does Ep stuff for shop employees,Web cyclery even helped me out when Tim was out of stuff.Can't find that elsewhere!
I was building my mod bike up and I had ordered a bar and stem from him, and since he didnt have it in stock he sent me the more exspensive echo set to use untill he got the ones I ordered in.
I'm willing to say that I think Tim has contributed more to the popularity of trials in the US than anyone. Until the last few years, he was the only place to get real trials goods...he's done more to get stuff into the US than anyone else...he's a great guy to talk with about all kinds of different topics. He was the only person outside of Providence that I knew who could talk about the political disasters of Buddy Cianci (personal, I know, but interesting to me anyway). I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I've been involved with trials for almost 10 years (you'd think I'd be so much better than I am). He was THE MAN at Goatwheels to call to get the goods. He even popped down to the NEPS final at Candytown to hand out goodies and hang out for a while. HE HAD ABOUT AN 8 HOUR DRIVE EACH WAY.

I've had some problems with delivery in the past but I don't hold him too accountable. The delivery problems I've had with Tim have almost always been due to one of his vendors or overseas shipping. I've been in the bike industry for over a decade and I've come to accept that the bike industry has major delivery problems. Go ahead and try to order a King hub, or an Intense Tazer. Take into account that Tim is ONE GUY who has been making a living from trials for a while now. Also, take into consideration that he did so much to organize national level events, and events in the NE AND he's got two very young children to watch. The guy works out of his house and has very many projects that take bits of his time. To my knowledge, he doesn't have a very efficient way to track orders and such. I don't believe he has a fancypants POP system or anything.
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Yes. Tim from Goatwheels was THE MAN. :bigthumb:
Tim's a super nice guy but you have a 50/50 chance of getting your parts, whether or not he says it shipped or not....he just has too much stuff to do and not enough staff (haha...ANY staff). But if he has it in, it'll be to your door ASAP. If it isn't in, he'll give you a bit of run around which I really couldn't deal with any more. He's super fun to talk to tho, and back before webcyclery he was THE plaace to go.
Yeah....my shipping issue was from Customs, not from him......but otherwise, everything I got from him was awesome, and he was one of those people that seemed REALLY BUSY, but still took time out to help you and give recomendations.....you don't find that too often, before and after sale Customer Service.....that's a rarity....
Well thats what he will say.

Then he'll say "oh its right here"

Then he'll say "well its still in customs"

2 weeks later "oh they haven't shipped it from sweden yet"

a month later "yeah It'll be here soon"

few days later "yeah I sent it out"

The next hour "what did you order again? Oh, here it is- i"ll get it out tomorrow"
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I take it you had a bad experiance with him and a headset or frame or something.....

Just speculation from a non-biased point of view.

But I just got off the phone with him...he shipped out my cranks and front brake overnight today. He forgot about my booster and hardware, but that also was not on the ORIGINAL 1ST order I made, so it goes out tomorrow. LOL, neither was the overnight shipping he's giving me on both packages(cranks and brake, and booster and hardware) or the 2-day shipping he gave me for my bike.....but he's come through on more than one occasion. So I should have my cranks and front brake tomorrow via overnight shipping today, and hardware and booster on Saturday....Saturday delivery...that's UNHEARD OF nowadays from most companies....than again, he's not like most companies.

upgraded shipping...extra parts....I don't know of ANY COMPANY that does that from things like custom hold-ups etc....other companies just say "sorry, it was completely out of our hands"....LOL, that don't mean I'm happy about it!, LOL.
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everytime i ever ordered a part from him it was at my doorstep 2-3 days later. One time he threw in a magura shirt for no reason. Another time he gave me 4 FREE spanishfly pads to test out. He has gone to EFTA events to help out and give prizes and he's been around for a while. One time he sent me revolution but the tape had cracked so i couldnt watch it...i called him and he apologized and sent out another video. He also ships EVERYTHING priority mail which is fast and, yes, it comes on saturdays. what can i say, tim is the man

i've ordered stuff from him in the past and its arrived really fast.. but the most recent was a plazmatic pad order that took several weeks to show up, and andy missed the one that i got, i was told that they had shipped out already, (3 times) but there was some goof up with the address. he shipped them again and he threw in a set of spanish fly pads for the hassle. hes a cool guy, we yapped on the phone for about 20 minutes about bike crap. hes a cool guy and super nice, but either way overloaded and busy, or a bit absent minded. or both, hehe. i give him props for supporting the sport so much, though.
I've had the "goof up" run around 32003 times, as my friends have as well. He's overnighted 4 crescent derailler hangers to me, NO CHARGE, back in the day- he's also made my friend wait around 5 months for a magura louise... Both extremes of the spectrum, just hope you get the good one :)
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