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Wow, if I did something other than trials, this would have to be it:

The foot equivalent-
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ho down!!! that fucken awsome i love it .

another trials equivalent is on www.urbanfreeflow.com ... i dont think they can do as technical things but damn its still pretty fucken awsome .
that was foookin schweeeet. some of those guys can throw some insane stuff. at like 2:15 when they hang out horizontally from that pole... jeebus, got muscles much? then when they all do the flips off the wall at the end that one guy in the middle goes so freaking big- i almost shat all over myself.
where did u get it from?? are there any more? :yum:
Yes there's more. Go to the site at the end of the vid. In their campus or street video one guy does a sideflip over the rail of like a 3 story parking garage to land in grass. Huuuugge.

wow, surprisingly lame. i'll tell you this though, befoer you critisize. that's gymnastics. im a gymnast and been one for 7 years. what they're doing there is pretty sloppy and not that impressive compared to some of the stuff that a top level gymnast cand do!
after watching it again i can see how some of it would be sloppy. on the other hand to someone who doesnt know poop about poop when it comes to this stuff its impressive material.
I'd definitely have to agree about the smoothness as I've gone to a couple really big collegiate gymnastics meets this week, but I haven't seen many gymnasts do anything outside the gym. A previous pro gymnast who does this stuff outside is Joe eigo, check out these clips and tell me he isn't smooth.

http://www.multilevelmoves.com/MLMv...=viewdownloaddetails&lid=15&title=Joe Eigo Dec 11-02

http://www.multilevelmoves.com/MLMv..._op=viewdownloaddetails&lid=9&title=I want my Multi Level Moves
hilarious- those urban guys in london are messing around the same spot i saw some nasty rail gaps going down in some trials vids a little bit ago
youve been a gymnast since you were 7?
yup, stopped currently cuz of a buggered foot tho
let's just all agree on the fact that the movie "you got served" looks fuckin rad.
what they're doing there is pretty sloppy and not that impressive compared to some of the stuff that a top level gymnast cand do!
Top level gymnasts dont put themselves at risk like these guys, and they dont have the Martial Arts ability like these guys do either. They ARE after all more than just gymnasts.

But more importantly, these guys, unlike male gymnasts, dont look gay.
By the way, someone needs to send all these links to TRA.
I think he knows these videos and peoples... ;))
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