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if anybody wants to ride tonight.... i will check this in about an hour and a half again. the time is 10:45. i wanna ridein denver somewhere with somebody..or i will ride by myself.. cool. :?
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i might be up for some riding later. im heading to boulder right now to get some more filming in of soem stuff with snydes but later on i would still be down for riding. what time are you thinking? give me a ring if you can. 303-870-4891
my nose doesn't work and i am coughing up some interesting looking items. Call me before you head out, 970-310-6741 .
cool ride bro's
Thanks for being super cool watching me fall off my bike alot.

it was cool to see so "real" riders tearing up bolder.

Erik S.
erik I hope you didn't feel bad with us making fun of you and stuff, I liked you and thought it was hilarious...didn't want to hurt your feelings :)
"i hope they find a new material to make bikes out of." AHAHAHA..eric, you da' man.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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